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1 Sep 2022
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As another successful rental in-season on the Outer Banks begins to wind down, we wanted to take knowledge that's fresh from the pool of reviews and service calls we received from guests over the past four months and provide a list of ways our homeowners can help increase the level of guest satisfaction for next year!  While we had lots of happy guests, we of course want to look at ways to ensure that level of service remains constant, and look at any ways we can improve.  

So based on guest feedback, ranging from needing more attention from housekeeping, to internet service issues, we have compiled the following list of suggestions on how you as a homeowner can help us improve your guest experiences.

  1. Help housekeeping save time by replacing shower heads with removable ones such as this one.  This helps out tremendously when cleaning showers and tubs.  Being able to detach the showerhead and spray down the stall or tub is a huge timesaver.  And we all know time is of the essence when getting a home ready on turnover days as incoming guests eagerly await their vacation home.
  2. Remove or replace worn items including bedspreads, seating (indoor and out), games with missing pieces, etc.  Guests come to the beach to relax and while they have left their favorite worn in recliner at home, they expect the same level of comfort, and for it to appear brand new.  Go figure! 
  3. Spend time in your home to get the same experience as a guest and take notes!  Are the utensils organized? Are drawers properly labeled? (check bedroom drawers and closets too). Are all items advertised in your homes description not only still present, but are they in good condition?  Beach chairs and umbrellas take a beating.  Bikes too!  Are there enough wine glasses to host a wine tasting for the entire neighborhood?  Just kidding, but make sure there are plenty, and while you're at it, consider this opportunity from Sanctuary Vineyards to help welcome your guests, and ensure they have plenty of wine glasses too.  Also, spatulas and can openers can easily disappear and our housekeeping team simply does not have time on turnover days to do inventory at this level. So check, and double check and then restock where needed. 
  4. How is the condition of your windows, doors and decking? You would be amazed how often we hear about wobbly stairs, stuck windows, and protruding nails! Dirty windows obstructing a view whether it's salt build up (all that salt and wind does a number on those windows and decking) or a spider web and you've got one arachnophobic guest hiding in the closet writing a fear driven review on your property. 
  5. Hows the landscaping?  Guests want it to match how it looks in the photos and will leave a bad review if it doesn't.  Also, how’s the view if there is a view?  Did a dune shift?  Does your home’s online description accurately describe the view or has mother nature, or it’s counterparts such as beach nourishment changed the view and your guests experience of the surrounding area in a way that would lead to a needed update to your description. If so, let us know so that we can update your description, and have our staff photographer shoot new photos where needed.
  6. Do you have community amenities?  Are they still being offered?  Has anything changed? Double check with your HOA and make sure that any information they have matches what you have in your listing.
  7. Purchase Silicon Travel for internet service.  There are several reasons we recommend this service, one being that they offer direct customer service taking our service department out of the loop.  Plus with their WiFi service, guests will login and be directed to a personalized webpage with all of your home's information.  Another great way to ensure your guests have all the convenience they need at their fingertips! 
  8. Do you have baby equipment advertised?  If so, we recommend removing it due to the need to ensure nothing has been recalled or becomes outdated resulting in a potential law suit if anything were to happen from faulty dated equipment.  While it once was an added amenity that helped market your vacation home, now it's a potential liability.  We recommend to our guests that they pack accordingly for young ones by providing this list which also suggests renting equipment from Ocean Atlantic Rentals to lighten the load and have everything you need for the baby, pet, as well as other vacation essentials including bikes, grills, beach chairs, umbrellas, and carts to name a few!  If you have baby equipment in your photos, let us know so we can replace them with a new photo.
  9. How are the floors?  Do you have a working vacuum and mop, broom and dustpan so guests can maintain the cleanliness of your home while there?  The more options guests have for cleaning, the more likely they will!  And this means housekeeping will have more time to focus on other items in the small amount of time they have to get the job done. 
  10. How are the window treatments?  Are the blinds in good shape?  Do the curtains draw? Is there a nose print on the window? Check each and every one while you are visiting your rental home to ensure they are in good working order.  It's small things like these that get reported during guest stays and end up in reviews. 

Let's work together to help make sure your home is ready to impress!  We can all agree that it's far better to address as many of these small things that to some are just one inconvenience too many while on vacation. We do our best to respond quickly to every single guest's request, from clogged toilets (on that note please make sure there is a quality plunger for each bathroom), to replacing the beach umbrella that was taken home as a souvenir.  But with only so many hours in a day, and minutes in an hour we could surely buy some time in order to squeeze it all in. So thank you for helping us do just that! We look forward to another successfuly year together! 

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