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On behalf of the staff at Kitty Hawk Rentals, Beach Realty & Construction, we welcome you to sit back, relax and browse our website. It is with pride and pleasure that we offer nearly 500 Outer Banks Rental homes from which you may select your perfect vacation home getaway.

It’s 4:45am and I am awakened by some God awful sound! Oh, yes, it is man’s best friend – my alarm clock. As I drag myself from bed, I keep asking, “Why am I getting up at this uncivilized hour”? Then I remember, I promised I would take my sons to Rodanthe for a “dawn patrol”. As quietly as possible, (we definitely don’t want to wake up Mom), I enter the boy’s rooms to try and raise the dead. Once downstairs, we get the coffee maker cranking, start the hot tea, and pop in some toast to go with our fruit for the ride south down Route 12. As the boys begin to motivate, they load up the boards and remembering the drill, they throw the fishing rods into the bed of the truck and stuff the tackle box in the cab, (it’s possible there may be early season Speckled Trout to catch). As we crest Dogwood Trail, the boys are already beginning to nod off and the first rays of sunshine are just beginning to explode over the eastern horizon of the Atlantic. This is our life on these beautiful barrier islands of North Carolina. It is the experience that originally drew each of us here and it just may be the experience that keeps drawing us back. 

At Beach Realty & Construction Kitty Hawk Rentals, our job is to do everything within our power to allow each of you, our partners, the owners and their guests, the opportunity to enjoy that personal experience that keeps calling them back. Our mission statement says it all: Matching guests’ needs with quality Outer Banks vacation rentals while ensuring satisfaction with outstanding customer service. Please call and allow us the opportunity to help you plan your Outer Banks vacation for the coming year and watch out, you may find yourself having your very own special Outer Banks vacation rental experience. 


May God richly bless you and your families throughout the coming year.



Jimbo Ward, President

Beach Realty & Construction

Kitty Hawk Rentals