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We want you to get acquainted with your Outer Banks home away from home as quickly as possible, so we have put together these short videos to help you troubleshoot some common maintenance questions.  If you need assistance after watching, or if your question does not appear listed below, please give our service department a call (or text) at (800) 635-1559.  If this is an urgent issue regarding your home, and our offices are closed, please call our After Hours Emergency line at 252-599-7199.

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Fridge Not Cool Enough?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you arrive to your vacation home and the refrigerator feels warmer than it should.

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The fridge remains open while departing guests are removing their items during check-out, and while we clean and inspect before your arrival. So this may cause the temperature of the refrigerator to drop temporarily. Here's how you can make sure it cools more quickly...

  1. Verify that the fridge is on the middle setting since turning it all the way up or all the way down could cause it to malfunction.
  2. Once you have ensured it's in the middle setting, please give it time to cool back down for 24 hours. If it is still not cooling after 24 hours give us a call so we can have it serviced.
  3. DO NOT place un-chilled items or room-temperature food and drinks in the fridge as this will cause the unit to need to come back down to normal temperatures. Keeping items such as drinks in coolers with ice prior to storing in the fridge will help the unit to come back up to optimal cooling more quickly.
  4. Also, DO NOT block the vents in the unit, since this could prevent air circulation between the freezer and fridge compartments raising temperatures.
  5. DO keep the fridge closed as much as possible.

If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please give us a call at (800) 635-1559

Keyless Entry Door Issues

Watch this quick video for instructions on how to access your home using the KABA keyless entry door lock.

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Most of our vacation rental homes are equipped with keyless entry door locks. The access code for your home's specific lock was sent to the leaseholder for your reservation via email three days prior to arrival. Look for an email with "Express Check-in Information" as the subject.

Your code will not work until check in-time between 4pm and 6pm, unless early check-in was purchased and confirmed (in select properties only).

Your leaseholder will receive a text when the home is ready for check-in. Once you have your code and you are at your home, it will likely have one of two specific types of keyless door locks manufactured by KABA. A lever lock or a deadbolt lock. For either type, as you enter your digits, you will hear a beep for each key, and a green light will flash.  

If the code is incorrect, a red light will appear at the top of the keypad.  If correct, a green light will appear.

For a deadbolt lock, pull the door toward you and THEN TURN the knob TO YOUR left while pushing the door open. For a lever style lock, when a green light appears with a long beep, pull the handle downward and pull the door toward you to open.  


Note: for lever locks, the door will automatically lock when closed. Steady Red light: Incorrect code has been entered. Green and Red flash each time a key is pressed - Battery is low No light - battery is dead Green then Red light - deadbolt is on Watch this short video to determine which lock is installed on the door and how to operate the lock. 

If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please give us a call at (800) 635-1559

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