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26 Mar 2021
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You've bought the Outer Banks beach cottage; now it's time to name it!  Coming up with the perfect name can be fun, but just as naming a child or pet can pose a challenge.  One thing to consider is the personality of your home.  Will it have a theme?  A color palette?  Starting there can help.  Read on to get more ideas, inspiration, and tips!

Why Name Your Home?

Why Name Your Home?The name of your vacation home is essentially branding your investment. Naming your home gives an identity and presence allowing you to attract new guests and keep your previous guests coming back. It shows that this home is cared for and is a one-of-a-kind rental in comparison to “Unit B2”, which is quite lackluster.

Guests historically remember the name of a home over an address. We know that our local pizza delivery shops get a kick out of hearing, "We would like to place an order for a large pepperoni to be delivered to The Whistling Oyster.”  Sorry, guys, matching cottage names to addresses in the pizza business isn't a thing here on the OBX, not yet, anyway.  But naming your Outer Banks cottage is definitely a thing!  So we encourage you to have fun with it by making it something uncommon and memorable. Maybe even wacky and quirky! Something to spark a good laugh when announcing to the family that everyone's going to Summer Camp this year!  

What to Avoid

Steer clear if you can of names already in use in the same area, as this creates competition when search engines bring a guest to both homes in the search results. We have a small number of cottages that share the same name since they have been in the family for years, and that's ok!  Ironically, we have two homes with the name 'Family Tradition', both located in Duck. But we make it work!  Potential guests and our employees can easily distinguish between the two since we add their unit numbers to the name, helping us differentiate between our four-bedroom located on the sound in the Sanderling community, Family Tradition - D4304, and our six- bedroom located in the Duck Landing community Family Tradition - D0598. You can view a list of all our homes by name, you can view the list here!

We love cottage names that resonate with the experience our guests will have while there, such as Good Karma Retreat and Fancy Free. Or you can go with a name that describes the personality or specific features of the home like Roundabout Resort”. This home has a circular structure, creating a very unique floor plan, and the name perfectly describes what to expect upon checking in! How do you create a name that's personal to you? Think about your favorite songs, activities, landmarks, memorable experiences etc. and go from there!  


Renaming a home is not bad luck like they say renaming a boat, so don't worry there. One thing to consider is your previous guests. Will they be able to find you again? To avoid this, our standard protocol is to include your former name in parentheses for at least the first season after the name change. If your name needs a little revamping, go for it!!

Create a Theme!

Themes are a great way to make your home more memorable and fun! Of course, once you establish a theme, then the name can reflect that theme, or vice versa. Think of something local to the area, your favorite album or activity, or even a play on your family name.  A great example is Leisure Dayz - C9187 in Carova Beach.  The owners' last name happens to be Leisure, which perfectly ties into their home in one of the most remote areas of the Outer Banks, where relaxation is key.

Do you own and rent multiple vacation homes? If so, a theme that ties your properties together can be an excellent way to let guests know you have other options available. This is especially useful if their next vacation requires larger accommodations. Guests often enjoy returning to the same home year after year, but sometimes they may want a change or need more space. In these cases, they will likely prefer to rent another home from an owner they already know and trust. Just like: 

Nauti Gulls | Nauti Doonz | Nauti Buoys | Nauti Dayz 


Day Late and Dollar Short

Signs and Personal Touches

Once you've chosen the perfect name for your cottage, you'll need a sign to greet your guests and let them know they've arrived at their OBX home away from home! There are several shops on the island that can create the perfect sign for you to proudly display. We're happy to assist with the installation once it's ready!

Take a look at Kookoolamonga! - K1104 for inspiration!

Kookoolamonga! - K1104

In addition to signs, think about personalizing a welcome mat or other items such as wine glasses, decorative pillows, and other decor! You want your guests to be constantly reminded of the name throughout their stay so they can easily recall the name of the fantastic home they stayed in during the time they spent on the Outer Banks and easily communicate it to others who are on the hunt for a place to stay during their vacation.  

Rooms by Name

If you have decided to go with a theme, another idea that will impress your guests is distinguishing bedrooms.  You can give each bedroom its own name and hang a photo or sign on each door (we recommend adding names to go along with photos).  Check out this example from The Pup Deck - D3943 in Duck.  This pup-friendly home has six bedrooms, the door to each adorned with a photo of a different dog.  Guests love claiming top bunk in the "Snoopy" room.  It helps us out too!  Reporting a broken ceiling fan in the "Bella" room is much easier than "the third bedroom on the second level facing West'.

Remember, anything you can do to add flair and personality to your home will truly help make your guests' stay an experience. So, keep the creativity flowing and start naming those bedrooms! 

Get Social!

Lastly, since choosing a unique name is essential to marketing, we highly recommend creating a Facebook page. Having a social media presence will significantly boost your home's visibility.  Any guests can "check-in" to your cottage while there as well as tag your home in photos they post.  Having a sign or two in your home with your Facebook URL will help encourage your guests to interact with your page.  Do ensure you create a business Facebook page (and not a personal one).  You will need a personal Facebook profile to set up a business page, then attach your profile to the page.  It's quick and easy, and the benefits are numerous: the page is shareable as is the content you post on it, and you can assign multiple admins to help manage it, and you can respond to private messages, create posts, review comments, and interact with other Facebook posts, such as in local groups like "Outer Banks Vacation Homes for Rent!"  

Facebook is a popular tool that offers additional online exposure beyond our website and social media channels. Potential renters can easily find extra photos and information about your home, read previous guest experiences, and boost your online presence. From your Facebook page, you can link directly to your page on our website, allowing followers to search for available dates and book their stay! Additionally, we can add a link from your page on our site to your Facebook page for further connectivity to encourage more potential followers.

Check out the Facebook page for Carolina Sunshine OBX for inspiration!Carolina Sunshine OBX

We hope you have found this information helpful!  We couldn't let you go without offering a few ideas from our staff on names:  

Rhyme and Reason| Take Me A Wave | Beauty and the Beach |  What's Up Dock

The Reel World  |  Knot 4 Sail | Fiddler on the Reef

Sweet EmOCEAN | Looney Dunes | Isle Be Back

 Feeling Tip'Sea | Once Upon a Tide | To the Tuna

Quitcher Beachin’ | Sea Biscuit | Hip Nautic

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