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23 Feb 2022
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With so much technology and smart homes growing smarter by the day... we wanted to compile a list of a few things to watch out for so that incorporating technology into your vacation home is a positive reflection on you, and your home.  It's easy to overly complicate with technology, but having the latest and greatest is a "must-do" for many amenities. So here are a few things to consider and what to watch out for to ensure your home is a user friendly one.

Thermostat Control

Popular Nest thermostats are great for vacation homeowners for the ability to monitor from afar and set controls when your home is unoccupied, but make sure you aren't preventing guests from being able to change the temperature during their stay.  Comfortable guests are happy guests, and happy guests leave great reviews and come back! 

Undisclosed Video Surveillance 

Indoor video is strictly prohibited by the Vacation Rental act, however outdoor video surveillance is becoming more popular with easy Wi-Fi devices like Ring Doorbells, etc. However, as a guest, to arrive at a vacation home to discover an undisclosed video surveillance device may feel like an invasion of privacy.  Make sure you disclose this in your property description and guest communication.

Good Wifi

Times are different!  With remote learning and telecommuting a part of the new norm, efficient Wi-Fi is one of the biggest necessities in any vacation rental. It's expected, and not necessarily thought of as an amenity.  You may think that guests are going on vacation to escape it all and getaway, however they still need and crave connectivity. In fact, not having a fast internet connection could result in a bad review, which could deter guests from booking your home. Internet speed of at least 1,000 Mbps or greater is recommended. Mesh WiFi is also a good option expanding your coverage in the home to those dead areas. 

Smart TVs

People love their Netflix and streaming devices and smart tv’s are the norm! Consider upgrading those box sets to a smart tv such as the Roku TV  that has built in streaming capabilities. This will allow guests to login to their personal accounts for Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, You Tube TV, etc. and have a more personalized experience, such as finishing that TV series binge without skipping a beat! If Smart TV’s are not an option, streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV are great ways to upgrade your current set with the same capabilities. The Roku TV simply offers a more streamlined solution. You don't have to provide accounts, these day's people expect to use their own.  Just make sure you have all of the apps downloaded so users can easily open and login.  Also provide reminders for people to logout in your Welcome Book or label on that remote!

Also, having more than one remote sitting on your coffee table can overwhelm your guests. Labeling and/or providing instructions is helpful but better yet, try to program a remote to work for all functions of the TVs! Your guests will thank you!

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a strongly suggested amenity for the convenience and security it offers your guests and you, the homeowner. If you still require guests to use keys, consider upgrading to keyless.  One advantage is that it eliminates the inconvenience of needing to pick up a copy to access the property, and then having to drop it off on departure day.  Not to mention the stress of keeping track of the key all week long. Also, since making copies of keys are so easy these days, having a keyless system eliminates the worry of whether someone has a copy of the key to your home.  Your guests will feel safer too!

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