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14 May 2021
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Create an experience.

This is an important aspect in owning a vacation rental home. To get guests coming back year after year, make sure their vacation is one to remember. In addition to meeting your guests expectations with lodging, rental owners need to also exceed guest expectations in regards to their whole experience. To do this, we love the idea of putting together local area recommendations, such as restaurants, attractions, and local markets.  We also recommend these get updated regularly and perhaps even customize the experience to the season. 

Welcome Guide 

An area guide encorporated into a guestbook is a great way to show guests that you are thinking of them. Compile a list of your favorite area attractions and restaurants with helpful information, tips and/or tricks! Let them know the best time to visit the Blue Point or to take that off shore fishing trip. Maybe there is a secret hiking trail you'd like to share or the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Little recommendations like these show your guests that you care about their vacation beyond providing accommodations. Encorporating this information into a guestbook is a great way to impress your guests and will provide the opportunity for reviews and or suggestions.  

When creating your guest or welcome book, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Remember that your guests are most likely going to be unfamiliar with your property and the area. You can use your guestbook as a welcome guide to share essential information with your guests. Your book should be descriptive and answer any questions your guests might have. Be sure to include hours of operation, location, contact information, etc. In addition to area recommendations, you can also take this medium as an opportunity to provide helpful information regarding your home; how to use the electronics, location of specific items, wifi information, emergency contact info, etc.

This information doesn't have to be in a book, per se. Below is a wall that was created by one of our homeowners for local attractions and activites and we absoultely love the idea! 


Welcome Message

Include a welcome letter or message. There are many avenues to do this, however we recommend utilizing the Mobile App or pre-arrival email. We are able to personalize the message, directing it to the current guest, which adds a nice touch making them feel recognized. One thing to remember is your welcome letter should be short, sweet and to the point. The letter should be helpful, informative and sincere, but fitting to the personality of your home. 

Give the gift of. . . 

Consider a gift certificate to your favorite nearby breakfast spot or shop or perhaps have baked goods ready and waiting upon arrival. Show your guests that you appreciate them and the chance of them returning will be higher.

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