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Naming Your Vacation Home

26 Mar 2021
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Tips & Ideas for how to name your Vacation Rental

So you have this beautiful vacation home, but you don't know what to name it? Naming your home can sometimes be a difficult task and with so many rentals it can be hard to find that perfect, unique name. So, fear not, we are here to help with ideas, inspiration and tips!

Why Name your Home?

The name of your vacation home is essentially branding your investment. Naming your home gives an identity and presence allowing you to attract new guests and keep your previous guests coming back. It shows that this home is cared for and is a one-of-a-kind rental in comparison to “Unit B2”, which is quite lackluster. Guests historically remember the name of a home over an address, so make sure that it is something uncommon and memorable. Maybe even wacky and quirky! Make them laugh when they tell their family they reserved the “The Pearl Next Door” or “The First Wife’s”.  

What to Avoid:

Steer clear of names that have already been used in the same area, as this creates competition when search engines bring a guest to both homes. Generic names, such as, “The Beach House” don’t create an expectation for the guest or a lasting impression. These generic names are far too popular, so think outside the box. Bringing a personal touch is always good. Create a name that means something to you, perhaps something you can share with your guests. For example, ‘Grand Tortola’ is a home decorated in a Caribbean Flair whose owners frequently visit. With a name like this, guests can expect to experience something unique. Another great home that has been named according to the specifics of construction is the “Roundabout Resort”. This home has a circular structure creating a very unique floor plan and the name perfectly describes what to expect upon checking in! How do you create a name that's personal to you? Think about your favorite songs, activities, landmarks, memorable experiences etc. and go from there!


Renaming a home is not bad luck like they say renaming a boat, so don't worry there. One thing to consider are your previous guests. Will they be able to find you again? To avoid this, our normal protocol is to include your former name in parentheses for at least the first season after the name change. If your name needs a little revamping, go for it!!


Signs and Personal Touches:

Having the property name prominently displayed on your home will make it easier for your guests to know they are in the right place. In addition to signs, think about personalizing a welcome mat or other items that are visible during everyday use, such as wine glasses, decorative pillows and other decorations. You want your guest to be constantly reminded of the name of the throughout their stay, because as soon as they cross that threshold, vacation is over and all that goes with it. Months down the road they may not be able to remember that amazing home they stayed in last year and will move forward searching and renting another property. Reiterate your name and your guests will most likely have an easier time remembering it! 

Beach Realty Service Technician, Jerry (pictured above), with a personalized gift for long-time homeowners of High Cotton K1091. 

Rooms by Name

Naming your home is the first step, but don't put away your thinking cap, just yet. Distinguishing bedrooms is a great way to add a touch of personality to the decor. Guests will appreciate and perhaps have a little fun with being able to claim "Conch Out" for their vacation. Naming of the bedrooms is also a tool that can be used by guests and our service technicians when an issue is reported. Specific information is key, especially in these big beautiful homes with mulitple levels and bedrooms. Reporting a broken ceiling fan in "Ship's Watch" is much more direct than "the third bedroom on the second level'. Remember, anything you can do to add flair and personality to your home will truly help make your guests' stay an experience. So, keep the creativity flowing and start naming those bedrooms! 

Mermaid Manor - D5151

Multiple Homes? Create a Theme!

Do you own and rent multiple vacation homes? Themes are a great way to tie your properties together. Think of something that is local to the area, your favorite album or activity, etc. Once a theme is established, names will start to flow! As an owner of multiple vacation rentals, consistency is key. During vacation, guests tend to make themselves comfortable, some perhaps too much, and make the tradition of renting the same home year after year. Expectations are guaranteed to be met with no surprises, so why risk the chance of changing and renting a lemon. However, with multiple homes, you can provide nearly the same experience, just in a different setting. This opens a new market to repeat renters who are looking for just a bit of change, but not too much! This is where themes really come into play. Make it known that you have multiple options for accomodations. 

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Vacation Home Naming Ideas and Inspiration!

We've polled our staff for ideas. Check out our favorites and comment below to add your inspirations!

Take Me A Wave | Beauty and the Beach |  What's Up Dock

The Reel World  Knot 4 Sail | Fiddler on the Reef

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 Feeling Tip'Sea | Once Upon a Tide | To the Tuna

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