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1 Apr 2024
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Katie Helms
March 2024 Employee of the Month

Katie Helms

Please help us recognize Katie Helms as our Employee of the Month for March 2024! 


From her peers:

She has been 3 employees in one doing every aspect of housekeeping. She's out meeting with owners for spring cleans, she's out meeting with cleaners for inspections, and she also juggles the multitude of items that come with the desk portion of housekeeping. She is truly a star.

She has taken on so much with the housekeeping department and continues to maintain a positive attitude throughout. She is a pleasure to be around and makes the day go by much smoother.

Katie is a fantastic person to work with. I love her cheerfulness and her willingness to help others figure something out and wanting to learn what she can from all departments.

Katie is an extremely dedicated and a passionate hard worker. She always approaches every challenge or task head-on and with a bright and warm smile on her face. She is always willing to help in any way she can. She makes walking into the office a joy each day.

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