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6 Jun 2024
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Dana Breashears
May 2024 Employee of the Month

Dana Breashears

Please help us recognize Dana Breashears as our Employee of the Month for May 2024! 


From her peers:

Dana has gone above and beyond this month to get updated photos, and new listing photos. She handled all of this with ease and a smile on her face!
She is the behind the scenes person that "gets it done"!  Gives the extra++ to complete the task at hand. 
Dana always seems to make time for you and helps where she can. I enjoy her positive attitude and demeanor, whether in person (my favorite) or over the phone.
The fact that she treks to Carova alone wins it for me! I appreciate Dana's cheerfulness and willingness to help. She never gets tired of me asking when the pictures for a home are going to be ready!
Dana has been such a trooper with the insane amount of photos, photo processing, and all of her other job duties!
Dana has been busting her tail getting new pics - tons of improvements/changes/new houses and she's been on top of them like a duck on a June bug.  Cheers Dana!

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