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Beach Secrets: The Little Red Mailbox

30 May 2018
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Beach Secrets

We are back with another Beach Secrets, and this one falls close to the heart. In Kill Devil Hills, at the Glenmere beach access lies a red mailbox full of notes of hope to inspire others. These notes are from locals, and travelers from all over the world left to give hope to those in need. 

Story of the Little Red Mailbox in Kill Devil Hills

The founder of the Little Red Mailbox is Sue Goodrich. This beach access is the place she came for a little peace in her life after her mother passed away. She wanted to spread hope to others that were going through hard times in their lives as well. The town didn't put up a fight about this act of kindness. It was approved quickly, and in 2004 Sue and her husband, Eddie, built and donated the beautiful gazebo at the access so people would have a place to sit, write their thoughts in the journal inside the mailbox, and find peace. 

Check out their website here

Continued Tradition in the Outer Banks & Across the East Coast

Recently, the Outer Banks had a devastating loss of a little boy, Wesley Belisle, who was swept away by a wave walking along the beach with his mother. In memory of Wesley, a Little Red Mailbox was placed at the Lillian Street Access in Kitty Hawk where the incident happened. This mailbox has wings in honor of Wesley. 

Word has spread about the Little Red Mailbox, and other towns are adopting the tradition. There are currently 12 mailbox's. Several are spread across the Outer Banks, but there are a couple in Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you are interested in bringing some hope to your town contact them at

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