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Beach Secrets: Jockey's Ridge Castle

4 May 2018
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Beach Secrets

We are introducing a recurring segment on our Beach Blog called Beach Secrets. It will include hidden treasures about the Outer Banks. Stay tuned for more to come soon!

Have you even seen the buried castle sticking out of the sand as you were driving by Jockey’s Ridge? Depending on the wind each day you can see more or less of it. We happened to catch it on a good day, where so much was uncovered we could crawl around in it! Here is what you need to do to find it…

How to Find Jockey's Ridge Castle:

Step 1: Park At Kitty Hawk Kites

Park at Kitty Hawk Kites at mile post 12.5.

They offer handgliding lessons as seen below. Learn more here.

Step 2: Cross HWY 158

Use the cross walk to cross HWY 158. Make sure to look both ways!

Step 3: Locate Jockey's Ridge Castle

The castle is located on the South West corner of Jockey's Ridge, which means you would go left once you cross the road. To make sure it is visible that day, drive by first and try to locate it. That way you know what to look for, and you won't get lost! We caught the castle on a good day. This is the most we have even seen of it! Usually you just see the tops of the castle pillars!

Step 4: Have fun at Jockey's Ridge Castle

Have fun, enjoy the views, take some pictures, and make memories with your family!

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History of Jockey's Ridge Castle in Nags Head

In case you didn’t know, Jockey’s Ridge is the largest living sand dune on the East Coast, which means that it is actively moving and changing shape. The castle was a putt putt golf course that was eventually taken over by the ever moving dune in the 1970's. Don't worry, no one was hurt. The owners knew it was coming, and evacuated it. Visit it while you can, because it will be taken completely over eventually!  

What the castle looked like in the 1980's.

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