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9 Jan 2024
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Vacation Rentals

Is it time for a Staycation? 

Hey, there Outer Bankers… if you are looking to get away, but who are we kidding? Why would we go anywhere when we live here? 

No need to hop on a plane, or endure a long road trip to unwind, take a break, or leave the demands of home behind.  We have several properties that are offering local discounts of up to 20% for off-season stays.  So pack light because you aren’t going far, and get ready to enjoy a few glorious days in the place you love so dearly!    

View our participating properties ready to make your staycation happen!

Local Discount - Save 10%        Local Discount - Save 20% 

Staycation Benefits:  

  • Supporting our local friends and their businesses!
  • Making the time to finally explore the parts of our backyard that we haven't had the time for! 
  • Less planning stress!
  • Escape from the demands of home.
  • Run home to water the plants, check on the cats, or empty the fridge so you can prepare a meal in your Stay-cation Kitchen!
  • Secure accommodations for family visiting for the holidays!  
  • You won't need a vacation from your vacation when you're on a staycation!  

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