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20 Sep 2021
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Our rental inventory includes homes from Powells Point down to Southern Nags Head including oceanfront homes, sound front homes, and everything in between.  As our name suggests, we have over 400 homes from 2-bedroom condos and beach bungalows to 12-bedroom estates perfect for hosting family groups, and events.  So while you won't find any of our rental homes in Manteo, you will still find our hearts in the adorable sleepy coastal town.  So the next time you are here for a visit, we highly suggest a day trip (or even just a half day) to Manteo.  Once you spend a bit of time there, you will see why it's a place we love so dearly! 

If you are staying in South Nags Head, you are practically there.  The interjunction (if you can even call it that) where the bypass (158) and the beach road (NC12) merge and travelers either continue south towards Hatteras or head west towards Roanoke Island which is split into Manteo on the northside and Wanchese on the southern end. (We'll talk about the wonders of Wanchese in a separate post). Heading west, over the causeway bridge flanked with marshy views on either side, the sight of Pirate's Cove marina greets you at the foot to your right with rows of fishing yachts in pastels leading up to a great place to stop for a bite to eat and drinks with a view of the marina and panoramic marsh views. Blue Water and Mimi's Tiki Hut

As you travel further along Roanoke Island, take a right-hand turn northward towards the heart of Manteo and prepare to explore to your heart's content. Read on to create a plan for your excursion, and get a taste of what the day may bring. 

On the Water Dining

We just mentioned Blue Water and Mimi's Tiki Hut in Pirates Cove, because yes, it's that good!  Another great waterfront dining option is Stripers, just to your right located in Shallowbag Bay marina.  But not to worry, there are plenty of other dining options further up ahead. 

Caution: if you have the kids in tow, you will have just passed Jumpmasters Trampoline Park on your left, and the Christmas Shop and General Store on your right.  Both are highly recommended and great rainy day (or any day) options.  Speaking of rainy days, the North Carolina Aquarium is a great way to spend the day, rain or shine.  Another "must do" family activity that attracts visitors and history buffs alike during the Spring and Summer months is the ever-popular Lost Colony production. Manteo is rich in history and offers history lessons made fun:


  • The Lost Colonya great way to learn about one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries where colonists vanished as they attempted to form the first permanent English settlement in the New World.  The award-winning outdoor production takes place on the original site of the Roanoke Colony and is an experience you won't want to miss!  
  • Island Farma living history site that tells the story of the everyday Outer Bankers that lived on Roanoke Island in the 1850s. Open Spring through Fall, we call it the 'miniature Colonial Williamsburg'. Visitors experience a truly immersive historical experience as they speak with live interpreters throughout the farm, tour the inside of the farmhouse and other buildings, pet farm animals, and try their hands at blacksmithing, gardening, and even musket firing. 
  • Roanoke Festival Park - this 27-acre island on an island is home to the settlement site, an American Indian town, the Adventure Museum, and the Elizabeth II.  The island also is home to the outdoor venue overlooking Shallowbag Bay where popular events from weddings to concerts are the norm during warmer months.   
  • Elizabethan Gardens - also located on the Fort Raleigh National Historic site alongside The Lost Colony.   Open year-round and spanning 10 acres of winding walkways connecting visitors from breathtaking botanical and structural designs that will have you coming back season to season. 

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