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24 Nov 2021
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Everyone wants to know what inexpensive, small changes make the biggest impact on the guest experience. Upon digging through guest comment cards and reviews, we compiled this list. Owners are often hesitant to invest money and time unnecessarily, but all of these things can be done quickly and are relatively inexpensive. Here they are:

The Kitchen

We all know that the heart of every home is in the kitchen.  It's where people tend to want to gather the most, regardless of an open concept and cozy living room close by.  Why is that you think?  Well, regardless of the why, it's a given and your kitchen’s appeal can make or break a positive review. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing a full kitchen overhaul is needed, but the small changes can have a great impact. Often if a guest doesn’t have certain kitchen amenities in their own home, the opportunity to cook in a kitchen (while on vacation) with these perks is appealing. We have a pretty basic “required items” list for the kitchen, but this room is often a great place to go above and beyond. A Crockpot, Keurig, Air Fryer, Food Processor, and extra pots and pans are all things that guest comment positively on. When we list “a well-stocked kitchen” the guest inevitably calls to ask for details and we are always happy to provide this helpful information.

Living Room

Flat screen TV’s are a quick and (now) an inexpensive way to freshen up a room. They can be purchased at Walmart for a very minimal amount and it definitely goes a long way with guests. A house can be in great shape, but if the guest sees an old box style TV, it automatically gives them the impression the property is out-dated, which can be referenced on countless reviews.

Window treatments make a big difference too! Nothing is more uncomfortable than having a nice dinner with family on vacation and having the neighbors peering through the windows or trying to watch movie and the TV has a terrible glare making that difficult.  Instead of the standard and somewhat outaded venetian blinds, opt for some room darkening curtains that will filter most of the summers brightest rays and give the room a pop of color. It’s the little things!


Bedding is a great and long lasting investment. Nothing ruins a vacation like uncomfortable mattresses, and when guests aren't comfortable, it shows up in their reviews.  So let's make sure they are comfortable and well rested so those reviews will reflect just that! 

Fortunately, you don't need to break the bank and there are a number of affordable mattress options online that will easily allow you to replace that old spring mattress with a popular memory foam instead. Another affordable solution is to add a mattress topper . If your season starts sooner rather than later and you do not have time for the mattresses, start with the comforters. It’s all about curb appeal and nothing says, “welcome to the beach” like bright, beachy, fresh comforters!  It's the first thing a guest sees when they walk into the room where they will be spending their vacation; so make a great first impression! (Oh and ditch the alarm clocks.  They are a dated item that has long been replaced by smart phones and devices, and they take up space and collect dust.  Not to mention sending the message that some updates are long overdue.  And we don't want that!) 


An updated bathroom goes a long way.  It's a great way to introduce that "wow factor" with something unique as shown above. We can all agree that the transformation represented above will have a big impact, but there are less expensive updates you can implement as your budget allows.  A fresh coat of paint, some new flooring, updated light fixtures, a new shower head, or simply replacing door and cabinet pulls can make a big impact for just a few hundred dollars and are simple ways to improve the guest experience. When the guest has a positive experience, they leave a positive review in turn leading to more bookings.

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