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26 Jan 2021
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Beach Secrets

What is the difference between the Ocean and Sound? That’s a great question! This is an important decision when renting a vacation home and is often argued amongst families; Soundfront or Oceanfront? Knowing the difference between these two bodies of water will help calm emotions so you can devise a way in which to determine what side to choose for your Outer Banks Vacation: East or West? And don’t fret, neither are wicked nor have a wizard behind the scenes, however each have their own pros and cons depending on your families needs.

The Atlantic Ocean:

We are all familiar with our salty, summer mistress, but let’s go over the basics anyway. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest, covering approximately 20 percent of Earth’s surface. Wind is most commonly mistaken as the creator of waves, however the ocean is actually a tidal driven body of water, which creates those rolling peaks we all know and love.  A gusty day will most likely, depending on direction, either make or break your surf or water sport day. High tide will produce the biggest waves, but as the tide falls, each wave will lose energy and by low tide, you have what the locals like to call “Lake Atlantic”. This is actually the best time for families with small children to enjoy the beach. 

Always remember, before playing in the water check the local ocean reports, it is important to be aware of rip currents and other potentially dangerous conditions. For travelers who prefer swimming on beaches with lifeguard stations, here’s a list of guarded beach accesses and for those that do not have a stand, mobile patrols will make rounds throughout the day.

The perks of an oceanfront home:

Oceanfront will cost more, there’s no hiding the fact, but you will have the convenience of access to the beach straight from your backdoor with no roads to cross. For this reason, oceanfront homes are most popular among families with children, because even a short, 5-10 minute walk, can seem daunting with multiple kiddos and equipment in tow. 

Let’s talk amenities. Our oceanfront homes are equipped with relaxation and luxury in mind. From custom furnishings and decorations to private pools and gazebos, these homes definitely go the extra mile to provide you with a memorable experience. Why stay in any ol’ beach box when we have these magnificent homes waiting for you. Reserving your oceanfront retreat will have you steps away from creating beautiful beach memories with your family. Fly kites, look for treasures, let the waves roll over your toes, and enjoy the salty breeze and stunning sunrises. 

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The Sound:

The Sound is perhaps one of the most popular attractions on the Outer Banks. Bordering the island to the West, this saltwater lagoon provides entertainment and habitat for all ages and species. Popular activities include crabbing, fishing, boating, kayaking/canoeing and many other water sports, such as sailing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding. Looking for something less adventurous, take a leisurely nature hike to explore the surrounding marshland and view our local marsh birds such as egrets, herons and ibises. The bottlenose dolphin can also be found in the sound. Reserve your seat on a Dolphin Tour to see these stunning animals in person. Whatever your interest, we’re confident you will find Sound enjoyment. 

Perks of a soundfront home:

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Revel in peace on your own personal slice of ‘beach’ when you rent one of our soundfront homes. The term ‘beach’ when referred to on the soundside is not the beach we think of on the ocean. These ‘beaches’ are sandy embankments that run the edge of the sound and are met by local foliage and occasionally marshland.  

While the ocean is tidal, the sounds’ calm waters are dependent on wind conditions. You will consistently find much calmer water in the sound making these areas great for sitting in your beach chair and spending a relaxing day with your family. Without waves to contend with and the shallow nature of the water, these are ideal conditions for the little ones that just want to splash around. You can relax knowing there are no rip currents or waves and rest easy in that beach chair. While still offering much of the same past times as a beach day, you can still make sandcastles, frolick in the water and of course, work on your tan. 

If you’re looking for a more secluded, private vacation experience, browse our Soundfront homes! The peace of uninterrupted calm water, spectacular sunsets and endless possibilities for activities and adventures will keep you voting Sound year after year!

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Remember: Both waterfronts offer a sun tan, sandy toes, and salt water! Once you get here, it’s all about unwinding, reconnecting, and enjoying family time.

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