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4 Jan 2021
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Starting in January of 2020, Beach Realty started using a new system to measure our employee's success and reward them appropriately.  Part of that initiative includes introducing an employee of the month!  Each month our staff takes a vote for who they think deserves recognition. At the end of the year, out of these individuals, an Employee and Manager of the Year are announced! Keep reading to find out who took home the title!

Congratulations to these 12 Rock Stars!

January: Lee Cornelius | Service Department

"Lee brings her poise and experience to the service department. Patient and detail oriented. Always composed and ready to help."

February: Jerry Stephens | Service Deparment

"Jerry is the heart and soul of service. His knowledge is only surpassed by his willingness to share it."

March: Charles Hammer | Service Department

"Charles is a joy to work with, bringing either a smile to your face or a lending hand. Hardworking, knowledgeable, and efficient make him an integral part of the service department."

April: Helen Newbern | Duck Rental Manager

"Helen is a problem solver. She attacks issues with energy, tenacity and ingenuity always striving to improve any situation. She is always making the office a better place with her smile, positive attitude, and great ideas! She is a hard worker and go-getter! We are lucky to have her."

May: Heather Cater | Accounting Manager

"Heather has the unique ability to maintain calm and poised under pressure. This year was challenging and we could not have done it without her. She is such a hard worker and does so with a smile."

June: Ashley Batterton | Marketing Coordinator

"Ashley is ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile for anything she is asked of and does with a smile on her face."

July: Christine Sawyer | Property Services Director

"Works above and beyond and is a very tolerant person. Patient with owners, guests and staff! Always willing to lend a hand, even if it's in a different department, she is a huge assest to all."

August: Tiffany Moldovan | Kitty Hawk Rental Manager

"Grace under fire, always! She is the total go to for so many of us, I dont know how she wears all of the hats she does. She leads by example with her hard work, dedication and grace."

September: Aimee Lambert | Corolla Rental Manager

"Aimee is a hardworking and loyal team member at Beach. She has been with the company for years and has proven herself in reservations and in a manager role. She is always there to assist every department and help every agent reach their full potential. She puts in the extra effort and it shows. She holds the Corolla office together and is an excellent representation of the company. Way to go Aimee, keep rocking!"

October: Lisa Cross | Accounting

"ALWAYS willing to lend a hand and has such a great team-focused attitude."

November: Shadow Wissman | Corolla Reservations

"Highly skilled, always happy, fun to work with. A reliable and valuable member to the Corolla team. We're lucky and thankful to have her work along side us!"

December: Tamarra Shau | Kitty Hawk Reservations

"She is an all star! Always on top of her game and still makes time to lend a helping hand!"

2020 Manager of the Year

Christine Sawyer

Christine has been part of the Beach Realty family since 2016. As our Property Services Director, Christine plays a huge role in our company managing all the ins-and-outs of our service department; The 'heart and soul', you could say. This past year she has done an unbelievable job organizing the operation, keeping this well-oiled machine running smoothly, which we all know was not an easy task. Her amazing leadership skills and kind personality gracefully carried us through the season and into another great year! Thank you for all your hard work, Christine, we couldn't do it without you! Congratulations!

2020 Employee of the Year

Ashley Batterton

Ashley started with us as a Vacation Reservationist in February of 2020. She is always willing to go the extra mile and happy to lend a hand wherever needed. After several months in reservations, Ashley decided to pursue interest in Advertising and transitioned into our Marketing Department, where she is still thriving. In just the short time she has been with us, she has demonstrated such dedication and hard work, we are blessed to have her on our team! Congratulations!

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