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Large Group Rentals

Things To Do When You're Vacationing With a Large Group | Outer Banks, NC

Large Group and Family Reunion Accommodations in the Outer Banks 

Many of our Outer Banks vacation rentals are located side-by-side or in clusters. Perfect for family reunions, corporate events, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or multi-family vacations.

If you're searching for multiple homes, side-by-side or within a short walking distance for a large group, you've come to the right place! Beach Realty & Construction / Kitty Hawk Rentals offers many options for large groups and/or family reunions seeking multiple homes! 

Planning Tools

Our reservation process does require one person to make the reservation, be the leaseholder, and put a credit card on file. However, once the reservation has been made it is very easy for other members of your party to call and pay a portion of the payment. When making the reservation, just let us know that multiple people will be calling to pay so we don't charge the card on file!

Keeping track of 20 people can become chaotic very quickly! Try using Google Docs or Sheets to keep track of meal planning, outings, and chores. These tools are also helpful for the pre-planning vacation process as well. For more tips, read our blog post 5 Tips For Vacationing With a Large Group.

Things to Do

Activities with a big group is way more fun! Try making your own t-shirts, playing board games, cooking a meal together, or having an in-house movie night! Check out our 

 Top Entertainment Options for Large Groupsand video, Things To Do When You're Vacationing With a Large Group, for more ideas!

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