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10 Jan 2022
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Visit OBX with your Friends and Family

It's awesome when you can bring the whole family, or multiple families, to one vacation house, or several near one another. You can split the price, everyone is in the same place to make plans, communication is easier, the list goes on and on. However, sometimes the logistics can become complicated, and things can be chaotic! Here are 5 tips to for vacationing with a large group of people! Save our easy infographic to share with your family and friends! Scroll to the bottom for a video of things to do with your large group in the Outer Banks!

1. Communicate Before Departing to the Outer Banks

Who is picking up the keys, who is getting groceries, who gets the master bedroom? The list of questions can grow pretty quickly when 20 people are standing in the living room with their lugage. A Google Doc or Spreadsheet can make this really easy to type out and share with everyone. Have a person who heads the communication for each family unit, that way there is a smaller group of people that need to be apart of the discussion.

Take advantage of all the information about the property you are renting. All of our homes have at least a written description of the layout of the home, if not a floor plan, or a 3D tour. Use this to determine who is sleeping in which bedroom. Bedrooms can be labeled with a name or number to make it easier to remember who is sleeping where.

2. Create An Itinerary

This is something that can also be done in advance! Plan your activities and create an itinerary. Determine who wants to go to which activity, who is driving, which parents will be supervising, and who is staying at the house. Activities like the H2OBX waterpark and the First Flight Adventure Park (make sure to call in advance) are great for large groups. Take advantage of large group rates! A google sheet is also great for this!

3. Delegate

Dishes and trash can pile up quickly when there's 20 people in one house! Make sure to assign duties to everyone. A printed table or Google Sheet would be a good way to organize something like this. For example, on Monday John cook's dinner, and Emily cleans up, and the kids take the trash out. This makes things easier, and less stressful!

4. Plan Meals

This is the same concept as the last tip, plan who is making what on which night. Different people may follow different diets, or kids may be picky, so maybe a few different varations of the same dish could be easily made. Try to split it up that every family at least cooks once to try to even out the cost! For easy meal ideas see below!

Beach Food Pinterest board

5.Talk About the Budget

We saved the most uncomfortable topic for last. Its hard to discuss, people don't want to think they are paying more than someone else, so it's only fair to try to split everything up evenly. This is something that is probably better discussed before you are on vacation as well. An easy way to do this is to use an app that allows you to upload receipts and split the cost amongst the people in the group.  Check out the one we linked below! 

Split Wise App

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Outer Banks Vacation

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