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Outer Banks Wet Season Typical wear and tear on a rental home is not ideal but it is expected. Add a monsoon to the summer mix and you have a whole new set of concerns. As you well know, we had a massive amount of...
Outer Banks Tidal Pools
Tide pools are unpredictable and rare for the Outer Banks. Although lately, a large tidal pool has been forming during high tide in Kitty Hawk area around mile post two. It's become a gathering hole, if you will, for locals and visitors alike. The beach...
Here's what to do if a hurricane or tropical storm is apporaching during your vacation. You want to stay informed, secure the home, be prepared, and listen for evacuation orders. Beach Realty will keep you updated of any changes or evacuation orders. Stay tuned to...
OBX Wild Horses
You probably have already heard of the famous wild horses that roam North Carolina's Outer Banks. They are located in the most Northern part of the Outer Banks named, Carova. Carova has no paved roads. You need to have a vehicle with four wheel drive to get up there.
Outer Banks Fall Rentals
The Outer Banks is great for fall family vacations. During fall, the weather is a little cooler, the beaches are less crowded, and there are still plenty of events going on. Stay in the Outer Banks during the off season, and still enjoy all it has to offer, at a discounted price.