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Christmas Gifts for the Beach Lover in Your Life

3 Dec 2019
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Gift giving has its challenges. It is hard to know what to get people for Christmas! Don't just settle for a gift card when there are so many great gift ideas out there, especially for the beach lovers. We have a ton of gift ideas on our Pinterest boards or check out some suggestions below. Before we know it Christmas will be here, so don't wait until the last minute to start buying your gifts. If you have a beach lover in your life, here are some great Christmas gift ideas!

A Gift For The Whole Family

A Trip to the Outer Banks

What better a gift than a trip to the Outer Banks! Surprise your family this year with a trip. That is the best present anyone could ask for! Wake up Christmas morning to the sight and sound of the beautiful ocean! Check out deals for the week of Christmas, or find a home that works for next summer!

Start Your Outer Banks Rental Search

Beach Gifts For Any Beach Lover

Give these individually, or for a bigger gift, buy a beach bag and stuff them all in for a creative spin on a gift basket that is great for an individual, couple, or family gift. 

Beach Bag

This one is a no brainer! Customize the bag to the person you're buying for with design or embroidery. We like bags that are large and sturdy enough to hold towels, sunscreen, a book, and a few other knick-nacks. Ones with pockets are nice to keep your phone away from the sand!

Beach Towel

It's nice to have a big beach towel to spread out or wrap up in! It's also nice when it's a cute one too! 

Beach Ornament

Make your own beach ornaments with the kids, look at local artists' work, or check out Etsy. 

Beach Cart

You don't know how helpful a beach cart is until you have used one! Throw all your gear in the cart, and roll it to the beach! You'll be thankful after a long day in the sun that you don't have to carry all that stuff back! There are many different versions of carts, but make sure you get one with treaded or big rubber wheels so you can navigate through the sand! 

Beach Float

Great for kids or teenagers, get an inflatable pool or beach float! They make all kinds of funny floats these days like donuts and shells! Don't forget to buy an electric air pump to go with, or else you'll be stuck blowing them up manually!

Deluxe Beach Chair

Better than your standard chair, this gift is great for your daily beach go-er! They will get their use out of this comfy chair with pockets and drink holders. The ones with handles or straps are great because they are easy to carry. 

Drink Holder

Keep your drink, phone, or sunglasses sand-free with these customizable drink holders! These make great stocking stuffers for the kids! You can get the OBX branded ones at Walmart in Kitty Hawk.

Portable Music Player or Speaker

Protect your phone from the sand, and listen to some music with a portable, wireless speaker or radio. Getting one that is water and sand proof may be a good idea. You can find these almost anywhere. 

Outer Banks Jewelry

If you're creative you can try to make your own beach jewelry with sea glass, sand, or shells! Try sea glass earrings, or take a clear locket and fill it with sand and shells. When in doubt, check out Etsy for great customized pieces or a local Outer Banks artist.

Outer Banks Print From a Local Artist

Support locals in the Outer Banks by purchasing a photograph to remember your trip by! Frame the print, and it makes a thoughtful gift for anybody! This photo below was taken by OBX Beach Bum Photography.

What do you like to buy the beach lover in your life? Tell us in the comments below!