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Top Searched Vacation Home Amenities

16 Oct 2020
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It is no secret that the business of vacation rentals is a competitive market. With that being said, to stay in the game and have the advantage, consider reevaluating your amenities, as these certainly impact reservation numbers. We will be providing you with the statistics of the top searched amenities by our guests to help you determine which upgrades are worth investing in.

Most Searched Amenities

Oceanfront and Semi-Oceanfront

When searching for a Beach Vacation rental it is no surprise that the number one searched amenity is Oceanfront.  Don't let this discourage you if your home is not; Most of the time people are searching far beyond their budget.  

Private Pool

Who doesn't love a pool? If you have kids, you can definitely agree that they most certainly do! If you can appeal to the children, you will have the parents hooked, just reel them in. Not only will this addition add equity to your home, but will also allow you to raise your rental rates. Contact us for more information regarding construction.  

Pets Allowed

Re-evaluate your pet policy; allowing pets will definitely expand your market as this is the third top searched amenity.  Most families are now traveling with their four legged friends and making your home pet friendly is less of a hassle than you may think with our strict pet and damage policies.


A private residence is preferred among vacationers. If looking to invest in a rental property, our recommendation is to start your search with homes rather than condos or townhomes. There is a lot to be said about privacy, especially on vacation when we are trying to escape from the normal.  Contact our sales department for more information on current listings. / Phone: 252-261-3815

Hot tub

A hot tub can separate your rental property from others in the area. If you do not have a private pool, this is considered "second best" to guests in their search. They will be more inclined to rent your home over another and the best part is this investment can raise your rental rates!


In our reports, we have found that when searching for a rental home, town is often the base of the search. The most popular town we found to be Corolla, however our island is equally beautiful from North to South. 

Bedrooms and Occupancy

Occupancy of a home is directly related to the number of bedrooms your home has. Guests are looking for the most accommodating layout. No one wants to be stuck sleeping on that stiff pull out sofa with no privacy. If able, think about upgrading your beds to larger sizes or perhaps bunk style. 


If your home, like most in the Outer Banks, is situated on stilts, adding an elevator can be beneficial. Most families are traveling with multiple generations making stairs a possible 'deal breaker'.  Not only can this equipment be helpful to the elderly, but also to families with small children.  Have you ever tried to lug a stroller up multiple levels of stairs? Neither have I, but I've witnessed this endeavor and my heart went out to them.  Of course not all homes will have the ability of the addition of an elevator, so perhaps think about an exterior cargo lift for luggage. 

Other Requested or Inquired About Amenities


With demand for remote learning and telecommuting rising due to Covid, think about increasing your internet service. Many guests are inquiring when making their reservation as to what speed service is at the home and if it will be able to accommodate multiple users at one time.  If increasing your service is not an option, perhaps a hot spot to provide a little extra bandwidth. 


Non-standard appliances are often requested, such as crock pots, Keurig machine, griddles, steamer pots, etc.  Any deluxe appliances you can offer will surely be appreciated by your guests. One of the reasons to book a vacation home over a hotel, is the ability to have a full kitchen to prepare your own meals. Take the extra step and ensure that your kitchen is fully stocked!  

Start thinking about what sets your rental apart from the rest. . . 

Repeat renters are important to your revenue, what keeps them coming back? Or vice versa, are your repeat renter numbers low? What can be improved to get your guests back, year after year. 

If your home requires interior repairs or a cosmetic make-over, give us a call to discuss your rental calendar and access to your home.  With the increase in home improvement projects sweeping the nation, (and the Outer Banks), the demand for skilled labor is at an all-time high.  Getting your home on the schedule allows for more better planning, preparation and results.

 If you have a remodeling idea to implement, please notify us immediately so we can place your home on the schedule.  The scope of the project and the rental calendar will, of course, determine the start and end date of any project. 

 Please contact us for an estimate – (252) 261-3815 or