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Outer Banks Beach Nourishment

The Towns of Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores and Duck are getting More Beach To Love in 2022! 

Click here for more information on the Dare County beach nourishment project.

What Is Beach Nourishment?

As visitors join us year after year on this beautiful sandbar to enjoy a relaxing week at the beach, it’s no secret the Outer Banks is one of the top destinations on the east coast. To ensure that we are here for your future vacations, beach renourishment will be taking place in the 2022 Summer season. Beach nourishment is the process of pumping sand onto an eroding shoreline to widen the existing beach. Sources of sand may include a nearby sandbar, a dredged source such as an inlet or waterway, or an offshore borrow site along the ocean floor. The widened shoreline provides increased defense from coastal storms and beach erosion protecting property, communities and infrastructure located along the shoreline.This process is very important to our island. 

It is understandable that you want to know where and when this will be taking place to better help you plan and reserve your vacation home, however unfortunately at this time the town has not released a schedule. The process generally moves quickly through the areas on a daily basis. Below are direct links to each town for more information as it is released.  

Beach nourishment should not deter you from vacationing on the Outer Banks. We understand the inconvenience it may cause if your preferred beach access is closed, however we have MANY more for you to utilize and if you haven’t seen this process in action, it is actually quite interesting and an experience for you to take back home. 

Why Do Beach Nourishment?

While the Outer Banks coastline is beautiful, it is also very fragile. Storms, high winds and tidal changes all contribute to beach erosion. To restore and preserve our fragile coastline, Dare County and the towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head have implemented important beach nourishment projects important that are critical to the future of our communities.

Where Can I Find More Information on Beach Nourishment?

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