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For a beach experience without the waves and currents, visit the Sound Beach at Jockey’s Ridge! Offering public access and parking, you’ll enjoy the calm and shallow Sound waters – perfect for little ones who aren’t strong swimmers!

The Sound is perhaps one of the most popular attractions on the Outer Banks. Bordering the island to the West, this saltwater lagoon provides entertainment and habitat for all ages and species. Popular activities include crabbing, fishing, boating, kayaking/canoeing and many other water sports, such as sailing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding. Looking for something less adventurous, take a leisurely nature hike to explore the surrounding marshland and view our local marsh birds such as egrets, herons and ibises. The bottlenose dolphin also calls the sound. Reserve your seat on a Dolphin Tour to see these stunning animals in person. Whatever your interest, we’re confident you will find Sound enjoyment. 

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