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1 Nov 2023
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An Outer Banks Must-Do

If you've visited the Outer Banks in the fall and winter months, then you are already well-seasoned in the beauty of the off-season.  Even though winter doesn't officially set in until a few days before Christmas, we are already feeling the vibe come November as hints of cooler weather set in and the days begin to grow even shorter.  Many of us are sporting sweaters with flip-flops because kicking them off to put our toes in the sand is much quicker than when wearing those winter boots!  (If you haven't walked barefoot down the beach in December, you must!)

Strolls along the coast are a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself since you will likely be the only person around as far as the eye can see.  Except for maybe a few surfers dotting the water in their neoprene armor as they take advantage of the powerful swells winter can bring. Not only will the solace rejuvenate your soul, as will the combination of sea salt in the cool air, along with the sound of the waves breaking upon the shore, creating a variety of auditory sensations as they deposit a new inventory of seashells upon the beach.  Seagulls laugh, and flocks of pelicans silently swoop, showing off their wave-skimming skills. Sandpipers and plovers scurry along swiftly scouring the shoreline for hidden treasures left behind by the receding white foam, before they're reclaimed by the ocean's embrace.

Ok, you get it.  Winter on the Outer Banks is spectacular, and we've only addressed the beach. If you've read our blog post, The Lure of the Outer Banks in the "Off Season" then you are also privy to the myriad of other reasons why so many love it here, all year long. 

If you are ready to return for another fall or winter Outer Banks experience, or if you would like to see what all of the hype is about, then here are links to some OBX rentals with that extra touch for "wintering" on the beach. 

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