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20 Jul 2021
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Congratulations on your Outer Banks vacation home!

We know you are eager to hit the ground running, but the first step is to find the right partnership within a well established rental management company. The goal in buying a vacation rental is to make money, therefore you need to start renting out the property as soon as possible, and that’s why we’re here! We’re always welcoming quality homes into our program, so give us a call for your complimentary rental projection

Why Beach?

We are a family owned and operated  business dedicated to providing extraordinary Outer Banks vacations since 1964. While we are small enough to offer personal services, we are large enough to be competitive in our evolving industry. 

Property Management is what we do.

Just as every vacation home is unique, each homeowner has different needs and expectations from their property manager and our team is committed to exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves in being accessible to our homeowners, as there will always be a property manager on duty ready to provide as much assistance and support as possible. A hands-on approach to keeping your property in tip-top shape sets us apart from other companies. We are proactive when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance with frequent home visits to ensure your guests have no issues during their stay. This also allows us to become more familiar with your home to better assist our guests. Occasionally things do go wrong, however our dedicated staff will rectify the issue as quickly as possible with a collaborative team effort. Repeat renters are your best guests.  With a combination of remarkable vacation homes and unparalleled customer service, the majority of Beach Realty guests will return year after year! 33% of our guests will return annually and 75% will return in the next 2-3 years! After being in the business for 56 years, we have many loyal customers that could be yours too!

Let’s talk about exposure.

We will be marketing your home on multiple web platforms including our leading responsive website,, where your guests can find your home with ease. We also have a collective mix of online and print media, as well as expanded distribution channels like AirBnB, VRBO,, and Homeaway. We can also fill your calendar for the upcoming year, as we accept reservations as far out as 365 days. 

Watch the money roll in!

Our accounting team makes it easy by preparing the appropriate year-end documents you will need come tax time. In an effort to keep a consolidated account, owners may elect for any or all of their vendor invoices to be processed through their owner account. The Owner Web Portal is also a great avenue to keep informed, offering a live view of work-orders, statements, statistics and calendars.

With Beach, you only pay for services you need!

Our flexible property management plan tailors our management services to match your ownership style. Our Revenue Management program is one of our most effective property management solutions designed to maximize your revenue and rentals, which is a free service to homeowners! We know not every homeowner has the time and resources necessary to monitor their rates and rental performance compared to the area, so we do the work for you! We analyze local market conditions and base it with historical data to predict supply and demand and adjust rates accordingly. Contact us today for a complimentary rental rate projection. 

Our 50+ years of success matched with outstanding customer service will provide you the trust and confidence you’ve always wanted from your property management firm.

We extend an invitation to come speak with us and learn more about our services, as well as a complimentary rental projectionContact us at or 800-635-1559


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