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15 Nov 2021
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Winter on the Outer Banks is unpredictable. As cold weather approaches and occupancy declines, our goal is to keep your home secure while it remains vacant. We are pleased to offer a variety of off-season services to prepare your home for winter weather, ensure systems are operating efficiently, and provide you with peace of mind. For homes that are closed or vacant, and unused by owners, we highly recommend winterization to prevent frozen pipes and winter security checks to protect your investment.

Beach Realty partners with experienced, local plumbing professionals to assist with winterization of properties. Winterization is highly recommended for properties that are closed for rentals and unused by homeowners during the cold, winter months. 

Winterization entails:

  • Draining the water heater.

  • Clearing all plumbing lines with a compressor.

  • Putting anti-freeze into toilets, p-traps and washer drain line. 

  • Unplugging major appliances.

  • Reading the water meter to ensure no usage.

  • Ensuring heat has been set on 55. 

  • Power is not turned off, unless specifically requested. 

Beach Realty winterization service also includes de-winterization in the early Spring to bring your home back to usable condition. Please know that your home must be de-winterized before the spring cleaning process begins.

Pricing for this service can be found on your Annual Service Addendum.

Winter Security Checks

Beach Realty offers a Winter Security Check service which includes 2 visits to the property per month from November - March, where our trained technicians will perform a full walkthrough of the property. Our technicians ensure all doors and windows are secured and locked as well as look for any signs of unauthorized use, theft and/or damage. Winter Security Check service is highly recommended for all homes that are vacant for extended periods of time through the winter months. 

This service is offered for a low cost of $70/month ($140/month for homes in 4x4 area). You can select this service on your annual service addendum, or contact our service department at 252-441-6082 (call or text), or send an email to

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