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1 Jan 2022
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Beach Secrets

Beach Bucket List:

There's something special about summer and a beach vacation that just brings the life out in us, isn’t there? Well, those sun-filled, sandy toed, warm-breeze days are quickly approaching (WOOHOO!) and of course you'll be looking for fun summer activities and things to do in the Outer Banks. From budget friendly to once in a lifetime experiences, we have it all!

Start your Bucket List OBX Journey Here:

Watch the sunrise and sunset.

Personally, this is my favorite time on the beach. It's perfect for greeting or reflecting on the day and appreciating the natural beauty of our sandbar.

Jump the waves. 

You’re never too old to get in the water with the kids and play in the surf! Get wet and create memories!

Ride the Waves. 

Learn to Surf!! It'll be a fantastic family adventure! We have multiple surf schools and equipment rentals in the area.Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Go fly a kite or hang-gliding @ Jockey's Ridge State Park!

As the tallest living sand dune on the East Coast, this is the place to go to experience wind power at it's fullest! If you're feeling brave, schedule a hang gliding session with Kitty Hawk Kites and take to the skies.

Catch a crab.

Any kind of crab, from ghost to blue crabs, let the kids have fun hunting these creatures. Not sure how to hunt for a ghost crab? Check out our local Ghost Crab Tours and let a guide show you the way. Try your hand at crabbing, afterall it's not a true beach vacation without a seafood feast. Nets and bait, along with helpful insights and tricks, can be found at any of our local bait shops.

Climb a Lighthouse. . .or 5. 

The Outer Banks is home to 5 lighthouses! Get in your cardio for the day and hit them all! Currituck, Roanoke Marshes, Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island.

Wild Mustangs. 

Take a drive to the northern Carova beaches and take in the natural wonder of our wild Mustangs! Schedule a tour, we have several companies that can get you within picture-taking distance, while also giving you a great history lesson about the horses and the area itself.


We have many ways, aside from the beach for you to get your aquatic fix. Jump behind the controls of a jet ski and explore. Go parasailing and soar above the Roanoke Sound enjoying breathtaking, bird's eye views of the Outer Banks. If you're a little nervous, try paddle boarding or kayaking for a more relaxing experience. Check out some of our local companies who offer watersports rentals.

Deep Sea Fishing. 

What ominously lurks in the shadows beneath the boats? Why, dinner of course! Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is home to one of the largest charter boat fishing fleets on the East Coast. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience; An adventure you won't be able to stop talking and drooling about for years to come!

Dolphin Tour. 

Hop aboard a captained boat and start your search for the wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphin! Along the way, keep an eye out for other local wildlife; Pelicans, Osprey, Turtles and much more can be seen if you're lucky! This is a great family adventure and a must do, the kids will love it and most companies even guarantee dolphin sightings!

Take a different Point of View. 

Discover the Outer Banks from an elevated perspective and schedule your flight with OBX Airplanes.

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