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17 Feb 2021
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Beach Secrets

Vacationers and Locals alike love the Outer Banks for it’s unspoiled and untouched stretches of shoreline. Littered with hiking trails you can experience the true beauty and imagine a time when nature ruled the island. So, let’s veer off Highway 12 and explore the ‘roads less traveled’. . . Don’t forget the hiking boots!

Nags Head Woods. Full of nature, walking paths and beauty, this is a must see while you’re here! Not so secret, you say? Well, have you wound your way through marsh and forest to a ‘somewhat’ hidden sound beach? Your own private oasis located at the finish of the Roanoke trail is perfect for frolicking in the water and is a personal favorite of my dogs. If you’re looking for a longer of a hike, take a stroll down the dirt road, which is approximately 3 miles. There you will find numerous cut-offs leading to secluded sound beaches. These spots will hopefully remain untouched and serve as inspiration, whatever it may be, to many people. Don’t forget your camera to capture these beautiful memories! 

Jockey’s Ridge. This Historic landmark is definitely not hidden as it covers 420 acres of the island. As you can imagine, with that amount of land there are many unexplored nooks and crannies. If you take the first right after Jockey’s Ridge and follow it to the sound, you will find a public parking lot leading to multiple hiking trails along the shoreline.  In fact, I challenge you to take a hike and find your own ‘honey whole’, it’s out there! 

Carova. It’s easy to see why people love this area. Located almost to the Virginia line, we can’t get much more off the path than this. Leaving behind the pavement, four-wheel drive is required, so air down those tires and head for the sand. Spend a day relaxing on the beach or take a drive around the neighborhoods. The iconic herd of Mustangs, along with other wildlife can be found, just be sure to keep your distance from these particular neigh-bors. And don’t fret if your vehicle isn’t capable, secure your spot with one of our Wild Horse Tours to guide you! (They have really nice Jeeps!) 

Kayak Tours. Explore the Outer Banks like a local. Kayak tours are perfect for anyone who enjoys being secluded in the beauty of nature. Guided by a professional, learn the history of the area, view amazing landscapes and interact with mother nature herself with the chance encounter of our local wildlife, including dolphins, otters, herons, egrets, osprey, etc. Aside from the occasional ripples, there will be no imprint of previous human visits. This is the perfect adventure for those seeking it. 


Vacation is good for you. Adventure is good for the soul. Studies show that travel can lower your risk of heart disease, promote brain health, and create a much more relaxed, content YOU!  And remember, not all who wander are lost and oftentimes the road less traveled opens your eyes to new possibilities. . .


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