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20 Sep 2021
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Beach Secrets

Looking for something to get into during your fall vacation on the Outer Banks?  It's no secret the Outer Banks is a desired fishing location, however who would have thought about coming in the Fall?  Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just out for a good time, from the surf to the pier, there is an abundance of fish waiting to be reeled in.  

Our local tackle shops are a wealth of information with everything you need to know about where and what the fish are biting and if you're lucky, perhaps they might reveal a local, secret honey hole!  Popular catches from September to November include red and black drum, croaker, trout, flounder, spot, Spanish and king mackerels, mullet, and pompano. Remember to purchase your NC Fishing License while you're there and perhaps a souvenir t-shirt!

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Pier Fishing

Piers are a popular spot providing not only lucrative fishing, but a beautiful view with a little salt spray.  Also, who can beat watching the sunrise or sunset with the waves lapping beneath you and a fishing pole in hand?

Check out the local piers from Kitty Hawk to South Nags Head (see video below)

Surf Fishing

If you are more of a toes in the sand and cooler by your side fisherman, try your hand at the surf.  Anywhere along the 200 mile long stretch of the Outer Banks you will find a spot to cast a line.  It is said that the best surf fishing on the Outer Banks is at Cape Point, Oregon Inlet, and Hatteras Inlet as these spots are on the southern part of the island where the Gulf stream meets the Labrador current, producing warmer waters.  Make sure you grab a cup of coffee on the way, the best time of day to go out is before dawn to around 10 am.  

Fishing is only one of the many activities the Outer Banks has to offer for the outdoor enthusiast.  Just remember, sometimes even the most experienced fisherman catches only a good time!  Expand your horizons outside of your usual routine and you'll have no shortage of new adventures!  

Charter Fishing

Looking to go fishing and catch more than a good time? Consider reserving a spot on a head boat or charter fishing trip and leave the fish finding to the pros. Your fearless Captain will lead you right to the best fishing spots, bait the line and let you real in the prize. This option is great for families looking for a group activity. Most boats hold 6-8 people and length of time varies from all day to half day or even a couple hours depending on the catch you're looking for. Other options include In-Shore, Near-Shore and Off-Shore, each of which is home to different species. Talk with your charter company to determine which is best for you and your family. 

Charter Fishing with 'Fishin' Fannatic'

The Outer Banks, NC also referred to as ‘the Billfish Capital of the World’, offers some of the world’s finest OBX sportfishing and the most preferred game fish. Treat yourself to an on the water experience by reeling in yellowfin tuna, dolphin (mahi-mahi), wahoo, marlin, sailfish, and bluefin tuna.

The Fishin Fannatic is a 53’ Viking Sportfish. This OBX fishing machine is fully rigged for sportfishing on the outside but hosts all the comforts of home on the inside. Plus we are proud to offer an unmatchable Outer Banks fishing trip experience with Captain Mark and his seasoned crew! With over 38 years of fishing experience, Capt. Mark is a highly skilled angler and takes pride in his profession – which you will see firsthand when you get out on the water with him. Capt. Mark enjoys putting customers on the fish – from the skilled angler to the new customers just trying to enjoy a day on the water. Being a family man himself, Capt. Mark enjoys having the kids onboard the Fishin Fannatic, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Charter Fishing with Corolla Bait & Tackle

Let Corolla Bait & Tackle arrange your fishing activities while on the Outer Banks! They have Charter boats for any type of fishing, from peaceful sound fishing to offshore adventures. *Specializes in Outer Banks Fishing, and Outer Banks Fishing Charters. *Full-Service tackle shop: every major brand of tackle for fresh and saltwater, fresh bait, crabbing supplies, gear, and more. The advice is always free. You will receive excellent prices and the largest selection of tackle. At Corolla Bait & Tackle and Outer Banks Charter Fishing, you can go offshore, inshore, backcountry, or relax with the whole family to fish and crab aboard their leisurely designed 25-foot pontoon boat in the Currituck Sound. If you do not have a full party, they can arrange a make-up charter. Or, if you prefer keeping your feet on land, they conduct Surf Fishing Classes, and also have Rod & Reel Rentals, and Crab Pot Rentals. They'll provide everything you need including fresh quality bait and crabbing supplies, and make sure you take advantage of their free fishing/crabbing instruction. 

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Kayak Fishing

Take to the waters and explore areas that a boat may not be able to access. Nothing quite beats the peace of silently floating along casting as you go.  This adventure can be alittle tricky trying to balance the weight of a big catch and your kayak, but that just adds to the experience and is fun for all ages.  Charter kayak fishing and guided tours are now available in the area, check out the local companies that offer these excursions for your next vacation. 

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Outer Banks Fishing Piers

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