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31 Aug 2018
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See the Wild Horses of the Outer Banks

You probably have already heard of the famous wild horses that roam North Carolina's Outer Banks. They are located in the most Northern part of the Outer Banks named, Carova. Carova has no paved roads. You need to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive to get up there. The speed limit is 25mph. Make sure to drive cautiously, especially if a horse is nearby. You can take a tour to see them, or maybe you will get lucky to see one while you're up there, but don't get within 50 feet of the horses or feed them. They are protected by law. 

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How did the horses get to the Outer Banks?

Commonly called, Banker Horses are presumed to have descended from Spanish horses. They are a small breed of feral horse. They are very much wild and don't have the same behavior as domesticated horses. It is possible that they arrived on the Outer Banks in the 16th century after surviving shipwrecks or being abandoned on the island by one of the exploratory expeditions (for hidden treasure) led by Lucas Vazquez de Ayllion or Sir Richard Grenville. It's kind of a mystery!

What do the wild horses eat?

According to the Corolla Wind Horse Fund, they eat marsh grass, which is what is prevalent in the area, along with other natural plants. It is illegal to feed them anything. Apples, carrots, or any food cannot be found in their natural habit, so it can make them sick. They can actually die from eating these foods, so be careful to not leave any food on the beach when you leave.

New Addition

According to the Corolla Wind Horse Fund, on August 24th a foal was born. This foal is related to a colt that was born on Mother's Day this year to a different mother. You can see more updates on the horse population on their Facebook page.

Share Your Outer Banks Experience

In each of our check-in offices, you can fill out a postcard that we will mail for you! You can write one to your friends or family members, and share your Outer Banks vacation experience with them! Maybe next time they will ask to come with you! If you happened to see a wild horse on your vacation, that would be an awesome thing to share!

Learn More About The Corolla Wild Horse Fund

You can Learn More & Donate to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Here

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