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Kid's Books, Coloring & Puzzles

We know it's hard to keep kids occupied during vacation, so here are some beach themed activities to keep them busy! 

Family Scavenger Hunt  (a great activity to play during the entire vacation)

or try our

Indoor Family Scavenger Hunt  (keep the kids entertained when the indoors are calling) 

Color Shelly (a coloring contest the kids can mail in for a prize!)

Crossword puzzle


Word Search

Children's Books and Board Games:

'Twinkle Twinkle Little Mermaid' Coloring Pages

Written and Published by one of our very own Homeowners of D3905! For more information or to purchase your very own copy, click here

Sebi the Colt - "A New Life"

Another children's book written by one of our employees, Brandi McMahan.  The book is about a Wild Spanish Mustang Colt born in Corolla.  You can buy copies at local retailers such as the Corolla Wild Horse Fund gift shop, or online here!


Walmart carries the OBX version of Monopoly.  You may not find in online, but it's typically in stock.  Go grab you one for great fun during your stay ...and the perfect souvenir! 

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