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Departure time is before 10am on the ending date of your reservation. Late check-outs (12pm) may be available upon request for a small fee.  Upon your departure, call 877-803-3036 and enter your check out code found in the Mobile App or your Departure Email. (No code needed if using the landline). This will alert our housekeeping team that you have left the property.

Check-Out Instructions:

If you are unable to perform departure duties, please contact us to arrange for additional cleaning services (fees vary per home).

  • Remove all food from the refrigerator/freezer and leave the temperature settings on medium. Any unopened, non-perishable food may be brought to our office for the local food pantry.
  • Clean and put away dishes including those in the dishwasher. Make sure small appliances are turned off. Wipe down counters. Remove any excess sand from showers/tubs.
  • If sheets and or towels were provided, please leave the sheets on the beds and place the towels near the lowest entry door. (Do not remove mattress covers, pillow protectors, blankets, or bedspreads).
  • Check closets, drawers and under beds for personal items.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Turn off all inside and outside lights.
  • Set A/C to 78 degrees during the summer, or heat to 55 degrees during the winter.
  • Tidy up outside areas including decks, yard and pool area, if applicable.
  • Clean the grill with the brush provided.
  • Place all trash in exterior cans and move to the street for pick up. The night prior to check-out is best, often times the service is done pre-dawn.
  • Please DO NOT lock the deadbolt. Our cleaners don’t always have a deadbolt key.
  • Return keys and completed forms to your check-in office. If you depart before our offices open, please leave keys and forms in the After-Hours Drop Box, at your check-in office.
  • If you have any unopened, non-perishable items you would like to donate to the local food pantry, our office will have bins for you to drop off those items.


Don’t forget to Pre-Reserve your home for next year!