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Checklist: What to Bring On Your Outer Banks Vacation

29 Jun 2020
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One question our guests often ask is, "What should we bring with us and what will be provided for us?"

Keep reading to see what it is you should expect to bring with you, and what you can leave at home. 

First you will want to make sure you read the home's description so you can see exactly what type of items they will have.  How many refrigerators for example, and what type of coffee maker.  Each vacation home is unique, and they all provide the basics (which you can read about in our FAQ's post).  All homes provide comforters/blankets/pillows for the advertised bedding, and all reservations have either linens provided or linens optional (linens optional much be intentionally declined on lease agreement to remove from the reservation). By linens, we mean: sheets/pillowcases for each advertised bed, towel sets for occupancy (2/bedroom unless advertised otherwise - towel set includes: bath towel, hand towel, washcloth) and two kitchen towels. All homes will be equipped with basic cookware, dishware, silverware and drinkware.

Then use the list provided below to help you narrow down what you will want to bring to supplement what will already be in the home. For example, they may provide bikes, but make sure you pack those helmets!   They also might have beach chairs, but will it be enough?  Maybe renting them is a better option? Should I bring coffee filters? Yes, yes you should.  What about a hair dryer?  Well, if you must!  But you will quickly find our motto is "Beach Hair Don't Care!", right after "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem." You're at the beach! 

We know you have more questions about your trip, so we also encourage you to read our FAQ's to ensure all of them, perhaps even the one's you haven't thought to ask, are also answered.   

Ok so back to what to pack...

We do provide a starter set of of essentials in your welcome bag to help get you through until you can fully unpack and get settled in.  In the Welcome Bag you will find in your home waiting for your arrival a few goodies depending on the season, as well as a roll of paper towels, a small bottle of dish soap, some hand soap, dish detergent for one load, and a sponge.  Other essentials you will need to bring with you, and they are listed below, along with anything and everything we could think of to make sure you don't forget a thing!

So here's our brain dump on anything and everything you may need to bring with you.  You can print the list, and also use this blank list to write down only what you decide you need.  Happy packing! 

We hope this was helpful!  If you'd like to print the list above, here you go! 

Download and Print Checklist Here

Now that you have an idea of what to bring with you, you can use this blank print out to write down what you plan to pack with you for your trip!  Also use it when packing up for home to make sure nothing is left behind!  

And keep in mind you can significantly lighten your load by renting beach essentials from our friends at Ocean Atlantic Rentals! (Beach Realty guests receive an exclusive discount.)

If you forget something, we have plenty of convenience and grocery stores, and you will pass the Walmart on the way in if heading from the North... oh and coming in 2023, a brand new Target! 

Travelling with a large group?  Check out this blog post on how to coordinate when planning to share a vacation home with a large group.  Divvying up who is bringing what will certainly help with the packing! 

Tips for Vacationing with a Large Group