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Pet-friendly Statistics 2019

24 Jun 2019
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As a vacation rental homeowner you have many options to consider for your guests. Whether to allow pets in your home is an option that many homeowners debate seasonally. You realize that giving guests the option to bring their dog will have its pros and cons. On the pro side, you will likely have more exposure and thus more bookings. On the con side, you may have pet damage to your home which could cost more money in home maintenance. The tourism industry, in general, has become more pet-friendly in recent years, with popular hotel chains and airlines adapting to allowing pets. Since the Outer Banks is primarily a drive-to destination and the typical length of stay is 7 nights, many guests prefer to bring their dog rather than boarding them. If you are considering whether to allow pets in your vacation home, you probably have questions about the performance of pet-friendly homes vs. non pet-friendly homes. You've got questions, we've got answers!

How many pet-friendly homes do you have?

  • 44% (207) of our homes are pet-friendly.
  • 56% (268) of our homes do not allow pets.

How many more bookings will I get if I go Pet-friendly?

These are average numbers based on 2018 & 2019 Year to Date data (as of 6/21/2019).

YTD in 2019...
  • Pet friendly homes are currently averaging 16 bookings per unit.
  • Non pet-friendly homes are currently averaging 13 bookings per unit.
 In 2018...
  • Pet friendly homes are averaged 18.4 bookings per unit/year.
  • Non pet-friendly homes are averaging 14.1 bookings per unit/year.

If I go pet-friendly, what percentage of guests will bring a pet to my home?

  • On average, 58% of bookings in pet-friendly homes pay the pet fee.
  • On average, 42% of bookings in pet-friendly homes do not pay the pet fee.

So if a home gets 18 bookings per year, on average 10 will bring a pet, 8 will not (actual numbers vary per unit). Pet-friendly bookings account for 28% of total reservations YTD in 2019.  

How many guests search for pet-friendly homes when booking their vacation?

Our vacation rental search allows guests to filter their search results by pets allowed and no pets. Pet-friendly is the 4th most common filter on searches (behind 1. Oceanfront, 2. Private Pool, 3. House)

Since January 1st, 2019: our website has processed 45,341 searches for Pets Allowed, vs. 4125 searches for No Pets.

In 2018: 78,193 searches for Pets Allowed, vs. 7834 for No Pets

Our guests receive a pet gift when they add the pet free to their reservation. It comes with a collapsible water bowl and a small container of waste bags reading, "Thanks for keeping our beaches clean!"