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Outer Banks Construction Corner: October

18 Oct 2018
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Outer Banks Hurricane Michael Damage

The Outer Banks dodged a big one with Florence but Michael caught us with our guard down.  The impact of Tropical Storm Michael was contained mostly to soundfront and canalfront homes along the Outer Banks and occurred in the middle of the night.  The storm surge was swift, and the damage was done and over by around 3am.  A sleepless night was had by many.  The aftermath resulted in damaged docks, flooded ground floors, ruined landscaping, and basically a big mess.  Flood water remediation is performed by specialists that are certified in the field.  In most cases, the remediation work is completed by the specialist and the remodeling is completed by a licensed contractor.   If your home, dock, retaining wall, or landscaping was damaged by Michael, please let us know if we can help restore your property.   


Outer Banks Off-Season Remodeling

With the rental and storm season mostly behind us, now is the time to act on any maintenance issues or remodeling ideas.  

  • Kitchen and bath updates
  • Siding and window replacement/repair
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Flooring needs and wants
  • Plumbing and electrical fixture
  • Drywall issues – popcorn removal, holes patched, paneling covered
  • Roofing and chimney caps


If you have a remodeling idea to implement, please notify us immediately so we can place your home on the schedule.  The scope of the project and the rental calendar will, of course, determine the start and end date of any project.  Please contact us for an estimate – (252) 261-3815 or