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The Construction Corner: August

7 Sep 2018
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Outer Banks Wet Season

Typical wear and tear on a rental home is not ideal but it is expected. Add a monsoon to the summer mix and you have a whole new set of concerns. As you well know, we had a massive amount of rain this summer and unfortunately it stayed around like a bad house guest; too long. I encourage you to come visit your home to evaluate and assess for water damage and infiltration. Check your siding for any signs of water rot, your windows for leaks, and your ceilings for any suspect roof issues. Problems are not always obvious to housekeepers, inspectors and service techs. Nobody knows your house better than you do and nobody wants to protect your investment more than you. It is guaranteed that a leak that goes undetected for a long period of time will cost you valuable time, money and frustration.

Off Season Construction Projects

Most of the work we perform in the remodeling department is repair work – replacing windows, sidings, sliders, etc. The glamorous tile baths, new kitchens and room additions add pizzazz to our day to day but more often than not, we are tearing off siding, performing roof repairs, and replacing decks. Give us a call if we can help you protect your investment.

Remodel Your Outer Banks Home

If you have a remodeling idea to implement, please notify us immediately so we can place your home on the schedule. The scope of the project and the rental calendar will, of course, determine the start and end date of any project. Please contact us for an estimate – (252) 261-3815 or