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Beach Secrets: Outer Banks Beachcombing

9 Nov 2018
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Beach Secrets

Beachcombing, or searching for sea glass and shells is a great beach activitiy, especially during the winter months. You literally feel like you have the entire beach to yourself. Well, you and the multitude of shorebirds, who don’t seem to mind you’re there as they politely scurry of your way. The wind is blowing, your eyes are watering, the waves are crashing and you're bundled up like the kid on "A Christmas Story". You’re searching for the Holy Grail – a smoothly shaped, etched piece of sea glass, edges worn from time spent tumbling in the waves.

Outer Banks Sea Glass and Driftwood

The most common pieces of sea glass you will find are green, white and brown – but sometimes you will encounter a prized piece of cobalt blue, purple or turquoise. My collection has a very special place, in one of my favorite glass vases – a trophy case of some sort. Sea glass isn’t the only thing you’ll find while enjoying a walk on the beach. Beautiful shells, in all shapes and sizes, are sitting in the tide line. Clam, scallop, oyster and whelk shells are commonly found along the shores of the Outer Banks. They too have a special vase waiting for them when I get them home. I also look for unusually shaped pieces of worn driftwood. They make great garden accents and whimsical wind chimes. It's nice to bring a piece of the Outer Banks back home with you!

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