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Carova Beach Outer Banks, NC is four wheel drive only, best known as the home of the Outer Banks wild horses. Just north of the popular Outer Banks town of Corolla, Carova Beach offers secluded, private vacation rentals directly on the beach or tucked away in the sand dunes. You will need a four wheel drive vehicle to access vacation homes in Carova Beach.


Trash Pickup Schedule:

Please have your trash ready for pick up on the days indicated below. Missing even one pickup day during the summer months can inconvenience all parties.

May 1 to Sept. 30: Wednesday & Saturday

Oct. 1 to April 30: Wednesday only

Beach Driving Information:

The 4x4 Area does not have paved roads and requires Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle to go in and out of the area; there are no shops and restaurants around so better pack your necessities accordingly.

Beach Parking Information:

Currituck County has instated a parking permit system for Carova beach. Permits are not required to drive on the beach in order to access the house, however, they are needed if you are planning to PARK on the shore to utilize the beach between Memorial Day through Labor Day. Permits can be purchased at the Currituck Mainland Visitor Center or Corolla Visitor Center. They are $50/permit. Visit Currituck County Website for details.

Suggestions when driving on the 4x4 beaches:

•Arrive before dark because it is more difficult to navigate the 4x4 area at night.

•Salt water is corrosive to your vehicle so avoid driving in the surf.

•Bring a tire pressure gauge and don’t forget to lower your tire pressure to 18-20psi

•Check area tide charts prior to arrival, check this link for more info.

What vehicles are required to drive on the 4x4 beaches?

4x4 vehicles with off-road ground clearance are recommended, All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Two-Wheel Drive Vehicles are not recommended. 

Air Down and Air Up!

In addition to a 4x4 vehicle, remember to air down your tires for maximum traction! This is vitale to ensuring you don't get stuck with a very pricey tow bill. Shortly after the 4x4 entrance/exit you can find two air up stations. One is located at the Winks on your right hand side, however please note this machine requires quarters. Further up the road you will find the Historic Corolla Park at 1100 Hunt Club Drive, which offers a free air up station with 4 hoses. Look for the Hunt Club on your right and follow the signs! 

Where to rent vehicles?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Address: 1818 N. Croatan Hwy, MP 6.5, Kill Devil Hills, NC, 27948

Phone: 252-480-1838

Outer Banks Chrysler

Address: 3000 N. Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC, 27948

Phone: (252) 441-1146

Things to know when renting a home on the 4x4 Beaches:

•ATVs are not permitted.

•Currituck County does not allow personal motorized watercraft on the ocean. Jet skis and personal motorboats are allowed on the Currituck Sound. The closest boat ramp is located at the Whalehead Club in Corolla.

•Most AWD vehicles are not recommended.

•Follow all posted speed limit.

•Drivers must be 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

•When driving at night, take extra precautionary measures since there are no paved roads and there are a lot of wild animals particularly wild horses wandering around the area.

Wild Horses:

While on the northern beaches, you may come in contact with the famous Colonial Spanish Mustangs. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO GET CLOSER THAN 50 FEET TO THE HORSES OR TO FEED THEM. Feeding the horses can be fatal to them. Learn more in the video below by Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Wild Horses

Northern Beaches Safety Info