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Your Home's Marketability


Checklist for Home Marketability

The following comprehensive list of questions is designed to help you analyze your home’s marketability. Fill in each blank: YES, NO, or NOT APPLICABLE (NA)

_______1. Is the yard being mowed regularly?

_______2. Are walkways in good repair?

_______3. Is landscaping attractive?

_______4. Are there blooming flowers visible for the season?

_______5. Have junk and unsightly cars been removed?

_______6. Has the yard been cleared of all trash and dog droppings?

_______7. Is the home’s exterior freshly painted?

_______8. Is the front door bright, clean and inviting?

_______9. Have all broken window panes been replaced? (Including seals which may be broken on insulated windows)

_______10. Are all screens in place?

_______11. Is the doorbell in place and functioning properly?

_______12. Are all locking doors easily opened with keys?

_______13. Has all broken deck furniture, beach chairs & umbrellas been removed?

_______14. Does the outside shower look clean & inviting?

_______15. Are the pool & hot tub clean regularly or covered for the season?

_______16. Are all pool gates functioning properly?

_______17. Are all deck boards & exterior steps & railings secure?

_______18. Have all settling and foundation problems been corrected?

_______19. Has all carpeting been cleaned to look like new?

_______20. Are all switch and wall plug plates in place?

_______21. Have all leaky faucets been repaired?

_______22. Have interior walls been recently painted?

_______23. Have all holes and cracks in interior walls been spackled and painted?

_______24. Do interior cabinets, doors and trim look like new?

_______25. Are all windows freshly washed and sparkling clean?

_______26. Are bathroom fixtures clean with chrome sparkling?

_______27. Have baths/showers been scoured to remove dirt and mildew?

_______28. Have all tubs/showers been freshly caulked?

_______29. Have all personal bathroom items been removed to an out of sight location?

_______30. Have all unneeded articles been packed away out of sight?

_______31. Have all closets been cleaned and organized?

_______32. Have all beds been made daily?  Do the bedspreads look bright and clean?

_______33. Are all dirty dishes washed daily before leaving house?

_______34. Is the home free of “pet odor”?

_______35. Do all appliances, plumbing fixtures, heating and cooling systems function properly?

_______36. Have all burned out light bulbs been replaced?

_______37. Are all door handles & shower door handles tight and functioning properly?

_______38. Do all doors open and close easily, without sticking or creaking?

_______39. Are the game room accessories present & accounted for? (pool table balls & cues, the foosball table, etc.)

_______40. Have the attic/basement/garage been cleaned and organized?

_______41. Are all boxes of packed belongings stacked neatly in garage or other storage area?



Scoring: Yes= 10 points each; No= 0 Points each; N/A= 5 points each.

350 or more............................Excellent marketability.

230-350..................................Average of most sellers.

200-below...............................Probably on market for a long time.

Courtesy of Beach Realty & Construction

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