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Management Services - Long Term Rentals

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Year-Round Rentals

If you are not interested in renting your home weekly, Kitty Hawk Rentals has an opportunity for you to rent your home on a long-term basis. We have a large database of inquiries for long-term properties and are always seeking new homes for our long-term program. Prior to renting your home, each potential tenant will undergo a series of background checks – assuring you that your home will be occupied by responsible individuals. Your home will benefit from the same services as a vacation rental but will only be occupied on a long-term basis.

Contact Tiffany Conway for more information on Long Term Rentals:
252-441-7166 ext. 4306 or

Winter Rentals
Kitty Hawk Rentals allows you the opportunity to rent your vacation home on a long-term basis in the off-season. Ask a property manager today about our off-season winter rentals option.

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