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Your Guide For Outer Banks Locations

4 Feb 2019
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If you aren't familiar with the Outer Banks it may be confusing to hear terms like oceanside or soundside. The Outer Banks is a barrier island with the ocean on the east side, and the sound on the west side. The sound is brackish water, which means that it has a higher salinity than freshwater but not as high as ocean water. The oceanside and the soundside are divded by Hwy 158, which is commonly referred to as the bypass or Croatan Hwy.

Here are all the location definitions you need to know to help you plan your Outer Banks Vacation!

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With oceanfront property, there are no intervening homes or lots between the home and the ocean. Distance from the property to the Atlantic will differ from home to home. Some houses will offer better views of the serene, windswept dunes and others, the waves of the Atlantic, so ocean view is not guaranteed. 

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Homes with only one lot, house, or unit between the property and ocean, are semi-oceanfront. This type of property may still offer breathtaking views.  Some areas may have a road to cross to get to the ocean; however, only one property is between it and ocean. Distance to the sandy beaches and ocean may vary and ocean view cannot be guaranteed. 

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Oceanside - When there are two or more houses between the property and the Atlantic Ocean, it is described as Oceanside. Roads are sometimes necessary to cross and distance varies greatly. Access to the ocean is usually direct via dedicated easements and/or private roads. 

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Soundfront - With soundfront property, enjoy a sunset over the sound from private docks, with no intervening homes or lots between the home and the sound. This means direct access to the sound.  Most homes offer private docks/piers and a view of the tranquil sound water; however, views of the sound are not guaranteed with these properties. 

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Soundside - When a house is closer to the sound than the Atlantic, it is said to be soundside.   Distance to the sound and ocean may vary.  With this type of property, there may be a view of the sound, but it cannot be guaranteed. 

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The home is located and connected in between canals coming off the Sound.

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