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The Outer Banks After Hurricane Dorian

9 Sep 2019
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Storm Alerts

The Outer Banks is slowly starting to recover from Hurricane Dorian. Monday morning's thunderstorm brought more flooding to the area, there are still some areas without power (mainly Hatteras and Ocracoke), and there has been several cable, phone, and internet outages for all of the Outer Banks. It is inspiring to see the community come together to make sure everyone has shelter, food, and water. There are currently several ways to donate to those in need, please learn more about how you can help here.

Most large businesses like grocery stores are open, but please be mindful that local restaurants and businesses may not be re-opening during your Fall vacation due to damages, flooding, etc. The northern Outer Banks (above Oregon Inlet) was a little luckier than our friends down South.

We would like to thank our guests for being patient with us during this unfortunate time. Our staff is doing their best to access the damage from the storm as well as keep up with emails and phone calls. Please call or text us at 800-635-1559 if you need immediate assistance. 

Below are just some of the damages the Outer Banks experienced from Hurricane Dorian.

Avalon Pier

The famous Kill Devil Hills pier lost about 280 feet of the 700-foot long pier, according to Cory Piddington. The pier is about 60 years old. The owners have started a GoFundMe to help rebuild the beloved pier.

Photo Credit: Avalon Pier's Facebook Page

Nags Head Pier

Located in Nags Head, this restaurant and pier lost about 75 feet from the storm. The owners have not released any statements about the pier or when it will be open. 

Hatteras Island

Hatteras and Ocracoke felt the worst of Hurricane Dorian. Dare County schools are closed Monday the 9th due to damages to schools on Hatteras Island. Cape Hatteras Secondary School is missing a large portion of their roof. The other schools suffered damages as well. 

Photo Credit: Outer Banks Voice - Photographer Daniel Pullen.

Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island suffered extreme damages that will take weeks if not months to fix. Residents say it may be the worst storm they have ever seen. Homes, cars, and businesses are destroyed. The National Guard has been there to assist those who chose not to evacuate for the storm. 

Photo Credit: NCDOT NC 12 Facebook Page: