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Has Your House Been on the Market For a While? Avoid These 10 Mistakes

5 Nov 2019
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Has your house been on the market for a while?  If you’ve got a house that’s been on the market for an extended period of time, regardless of the reason, there may be a few things you should double-check to avoid any issues when you do get a contract. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Correct Tax Data

Make sure the tax data is for the current year. You want to be sure the tax rate, assessed value or taxes due are all listed accurately.

2. Update Remarks

Update the remarks section. If you made improvements a year ago, it’s not really accurate to say “brand new” anymore. Be sure to keep your description fresh or potential buyers may think the listing has been abandoned!

3. Updated Photography

Get fresh pictures. If you listed in the winter, get some springtime photos with greenery. It may be just what you need to get a few inquiries on the home.

4. Correct Fees

Make sure the Association Fees are accurate. On occasion, these dues will go up or down and there could even be some confirmed or pending special assessments that need to be disclosed.

5. Functional Appliances

Be sure the advertised appliances are still working and still conveying. If there was a freezer in the basement that has since died, be sure to take it out of the listing or you may be buying one at closing.

6. Disclose Inspection Information

Home Inspections reveal material facts. If the home was under contract at one time, a home inspection was done, defects were uncovered, yet the deal fell apart…the listing now needs to reflect any material facts that are now known. Be sure those get disclosed.

7. Update The Listing

Open House or Price Reduction dates. My personal pet peeve is to see an MLS description with severely outdated Open House dates or news of a price reduction that’s 3 months old. This practice just makes the listing look neglected.

8. Update Calls to Action

“THIS HOME WON’T LAST!” 295 days later, it’s apparently lasting. If the home is still at the original listing price and it’s STILL on the market, it’s time to remove those words from the remarks!

9. Showing Instructions

Showing instructions need to be monitored as well. If when you listed the home the owners or tenants were there and now it’s vacant, it could be easier to show now. Let the world know about it!

10. Get Reappraised 

Appraisals are technically only good for 1 day! Why? Because anything and everything could change tomorrow causing the value to change. If you had an appraisal done before you listed the home ONE YEAR ago, it’s so out of date it’s not even worth mentioning. There’s no value to a potential buyer to claim the value of the home in a declining market from a year ago or longer. It only amplifies once again how long you’ve been trying to sell the home.

It’s vitally important to keep updating and refreshing your listing information. Remember, what’s advertised is what the buyer is expecting. There’s no reason to end up in a dispute over something so easy to monitor and correct! Beach Realty Agents are highly trained to avoid these mistakes. If these tips aren't working with your current agent, contact a Beach Realty Agent today!