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OBX Beach Blog

The Outer Banks is a magical place to be during the holiday season. While you can't go swimming, the ocean is still beautiful to look at, there are plenty of festive local events happening, and you can enjoy a family vacation without paying Summer rates...
As a proud owner of a rental home, you’re going to be responsible for most of the wear and tear that occurs. When determining how much you’ll need to spend and when you’ll need to spend it, it helps to know the average lifespan of...
Outer Banks Fall Rentals
The Outer Banks is great for fall family vacations. During fall, the weather is a little cooler, the beaches are less crowded, and there are still plenty of events going on. Stay in the Outer Banks during the off season, and still enjoy all it has to offer, at a discounted price.
Many families drive over 12 hours to put their feet in the sand and enjoy a week at the world-renowned beaches of the Outer Banks, NC. We completely understand not wanting to stop at all and going pedal to the metal all the way here, however, you may want to consider a pit stop at one of these fine places on the final stretch of your trip.
Outer Banks First in Flight
Flight is something that humans take advantage of. It's crazy to think that just a little over 100 years ago humans weren't riding on airplanes to cross continents. Thursday, December 17th will mark the 117th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight. To commemorate the...