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Outer Banks Hurricane Season Preperation

31 Jul 2020
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Here's what to do if a hurricane or tropical storm is approaching during your vacation. You want to stay informed, secure the home, be prepared, and listen for evacuation orders. Beach Realty will keep you updated of any changes or evacuation orders. Stay tuned to our Storm Alerts Page.

When a mandatory evacuation is put in place you may see our staff come by your home to prepare for the storm. If you are willing and able to assist we would be very thankful! These are the items we typically address:

  • Bring outdoor furniture inside
  • Roll trash cans into the outdoor shower
  • Make sure doors and windows are tightly shut and locked
  • Empty all food in the refrigerator
  • Empty ice maker and turn it off
  • Secure the hot tub cover

Download or Print the PDF Here