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Beach Construction Process

From Start to Finish

Before the first piling goes in the ground and the first nail is hammered, the construction team at Beach Realty & Construction, along with the homeowner, are busy finalizing and preparing for the actual construction of their new “Beach” built home. Budget and financial parameters are well established, designs decisions are complete, and the permitting process has begun. We want our customers to have a pleasant, memorable building experience. So, with this goal in mind, we offer our step-by-step process to guide our customers through the construction phases.

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1. Set your financial goals.
Know how much you will need to both finance and furnish your home. If you are going to put it in a rental program, get an income estimate from our rental department. Take into account the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as any extras that appeal to renters, such as a hot tub, a swimming pool, or a game room. Ask a reputable lender to pre-qualify you and make recommendations for the best loan options according to your personal financial scenario.

2. We will then work with you to design a home to best suit your personal and financial goals.
With a planning budget in hand, you will be well prepared to make the necessary design choices. Maybe you would like to start out renting your home with the ultimate goal of retiring to the Outer Banks. In this case, for example, you would want to be sure you included enough closet and storage space for year round living or consider an elevator or dumbwaiter. Reverse floor plan homes optimize the view but it is a long way up three flights of stairs with a load of heavy groceries. Regardless of your choice of plans or designer, we will stay involved from the beginning to ensure that you benefit from our experience.

3. With your personalized plans in hand, we will calculate the exact price for your home.
Since we don’t just guess at a square foot price and then multiply it times the size of your home, the estimation process takes time to be done properly and accurately. We will generate a precise computer print-out detailing every cost from permits to completion. Based on your expressed preferences in interior features and finishes, we will include a specific dollar allowance for each of those items.

4. With plans and specifications complete, you can now finish the financing process.
Your mortgage loan will be computed as a percentage of the appraised value of your new home. Considering the size and location of your lot and combining it with your plans and specs, the appraiser will determine its fair market value when built. As you have already been pre-qualified, this is the final step before actual loan approval.

5. Now you have the opportunity to make your unique personal selections.
With the expert guidance of our interior coordinator, you select everything from floor coverings to roof shingles to cabinet knobs. Our coordinator will help you locate specialty items, arrange for you to view samples right here in our mail office, advise you on the comparative practicality and durability of various materials and applications, and coordinate all these details while the home is under construction.

6. Beach Realty will then secure the necessary permits to build your home.
With the permits in hand, Jimbo Ward will begin the initial site preparations. This includes clearing the site according to your instructions. Depending on the location, you may flag any special trees or shrubbery you wish to preserve. He will then arrange to bring in any necessary fill for grading, and as required for the septic system when applicable. At this point, our construction supervisor will begin taking photos to e-mail you, showing all the steps from site preparation to the final touches on your home.

7. It’s time for pilings.
This may not sound too exciting in and of itself, but once the pilings are in the ground, the countdown begins. The number of days specified in your contract for completion of the home, begin when the pilings are in the ground and framing begins. You will get your “start” letter informing you of this special date.

8. Construction begins in earnest, beginning with the framing.
Under the watchful eyes of our construction supervisor, the site will begin to crawl with activity. Framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, insulators, and all manner of specialty subcontractors will contribute their trade skills to the construction of your home. Selected for their proven reputation, and with specially written guidelines from Beach Realty & Construction to ensure they will adhere to our high standards of excellence, they will be scheduled and guided by our supervisor.

9. Your home is completed and the occupancy permit is in hand.
The first thing you will do is a careful walkthrough with Jimbo Ward and the supervisor. We invite you to be as particular as you like. We take pride in our finished product and want you to be sure that everything is done just the way you requested. With the walkthrough complete, and any special requests noted and signed off on, you can begin moving furniture into your new home.

10. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a “Beach” built home!
Whether you enjoy it as a second home, use it as a rental investment, or live in it year round, you will benefit from the extra attention to detail that has given Jimbo Ward his well-deserved reputation for excellence. Renters, future buyers, appraisers, and home inspectors all appreciate the “Beach” difference. So will you.

“Jimbo, you promised us a quality house, one that you would stand behind, and that is exactly what you delivered. We’ve received lots of positive comments from our neighbors and total strangers about how nice the house looks and about the quality of construction. We are proud to have the “Beach Built” sign on our house.”
Joe and Lucy Cassidy, Poquoson, VA

Courtesy of Beach Realty & Construction

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