Try Something New in 2016 at the Outer Banks

Happy New Year! We hope your path leads you to the Outer Banks in 2016. We start each New Year with inspiration and motivation to make last year better than the year before. If you think you’ve done it all on the Outer Banks, think again. We’ve compiled a list of out-of-the-ordinary things to do on the Outer Banks that will make 2016 a year to remember.


Start 2016 off right by booking your Outer Banks vacation with Beach Realty & Construction / Kitty Hawk Rentals! Count down the days to a week of sunshine, waves & warmth. When you get here, try one or more of these things to do…


Roll/tumble down the tallest hill at Jockey’s Ridge

Photo from – Jockey’s Ridge is located in Nags Head.

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Take A Selfie On Top of the Currituck Lighthouse


Photo from

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Snorkeling at one of the Outer Banks Shipwrecks

Ghost Crabbing

ghost crabbing
You’ll need a flashlight and a net. Do this in the evening after dark. They make kits especially for this at


Beach Scavenger Hunt

Fun idea for kids! More ideas from pinterest

Make a Sand Footprint Keepsake


Try the Viking Burger at Spanky’s

For the brave and hungry! The Viking burger is a 2 pound burger at Spanky’s, located in Kitty Hawk, NC. Spanky’s keeps a record of all of those who finish the viking burger.


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Catch Crabs with Chicken Necks

Tie chicken necks to a string and cast off a dock into the sound. Tie other end of string to the dock. Wait until the string starts to pull. Gently pull the string up and use a net to catch the crab! View Soundfront Vacation Rentals